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Religion Today Summaries - Aug. 30, 2007

Religion Today Summaries - Aug. 30, 2007

Daily briefs of the top news stories impacting Christians around the world.
In today's edition:

  • Kansas City Churches a Model for Racial Reconciliation
  • Global Warming Crusade Low on  'To Do' List for Evangelicals
  • Call for Unity among Indian Christians
  • Graham Walking and Eating; Recovery Continues

Kansas City Churches a Model for Racial Reconciliation

Despite all the advancements made in civil rights during the last 50 years, Kansas City – the 13th most racially-segregated city in America – continues to struggle with racial intolerance issues, according to ASSIST News Service. For this reason, two local church congregations have decided to confront the issue, starting with what has been called the most “racially segregated hour in America” – the Sunday morning worship hour. According to a news release, the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, led by Senior Pastor Adam Hamilton, and St. James United Methodist Church, pastored by Congressman (and former Mayor) Emanuel Cleaver, II, will combine services on Sunday, Sept. 2, to promote unity within the local church body. The two congregations will worship together at Kansas City's historic Starlight Theater, with Hamilton and Cleaver sharing sermon duties. The two churches’ choirs, orchestras and praise bands will join forces to lead the worship music. Following the morning service, the members plan to have a picnic lunch on the grounds, which they hope will provide opportunities to foster friendships and strengthen relationships across racial lines.

Global Warming Crusade Low on  'To Do' List for Evangelicals reports that crusading against global warming is a low priority for evangelicals, citing a new survey by The Barna Group. Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, says the results show that the agenda of liberals and the media is not having the desired effect on evangelicals. Barna's survey asked evangelical Christians: "Which of 11 changes are 'absolutely necessary' for the U.S. to address within the next ten years?" Only 35 percent named protecting the environment as a top priority. The top three priorities were "enhancing the health of Christian churches, upgrading the state of marriage and families, and improving the spiritual condition of the U.S." Perkins is not surprised. "As if that came out of the blue," he said. "Well, in fact, it's been there all along. Those are the things that evangelicals and, beyond evangelicals, a lot of Americans are concerned [about]." The FRC president adds that the notion most evangelicals have bought into the global warming hype is simply not true.

Call for Unity among Indian Christians

ASSIST News Service reports that a meeting for unity among Indian Christians was organized by the Christian Front on Monday, August 28, at Vishakhapatanam in Andhra Pradesh. It was held by the Christian Front, and its President Bhaskar Benny underscored the need for unity among all churches. This would enable the development of Christian community, particularly about protection of church properties. Benny also demanded that an ordinance be issued for protection against illegal sale/transfer/gift/mortgage of charitable properties as per the recommendations of the house committee to a court of law, prohibiting the sale. He also requested suitable land to be used as a graveyard for Christians.

Graham Walking and Eating; Recovery Continues

Billy Graham continued his recovery today, Tuesday, August 28, at Mission Health & Hospitals in Asheville, NC, ASSIST News Service reports. Graham, 88, was hospitalized on Saturday, August 18 for intestinal bleeding. Physicians initially thought the bleeding was related to a diverticulum, a pouch on the wall of the colon. However, a colonoscopy on Wednesday revealed a non-diverticular bleeding source most consistent with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). “An AVM is a tangle of small blood vessels in the lining of the colon,” explained an hospital spokesperson. “Bleeding from an AVM may be chronic and cause anemia. It can also be rapid and brisk, as was in the case of Mr. Graham. Treatment is usually by cauterization, as for Mr. Graham. Only rarely is surgery necessary.” Mr. Graham’s staff and physician said that there has been no further evidence of bleeding since the cauterization. The spokesperson concluded by saying that Mr. Graham today continued his routine of regular walking and physical therapy to regain strength in preparation for hospital discharge. His staff reports that he has an “excellent appetite” and that his “spirits are good.”