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Religion Today Summaries - April 30, 2010

Compiled & Edited by Crosswalk Editorial Staff

Religion Today Summaries - April 30, 2010

Daily briefs of the top news stories impacting Christians around the world.

In today's edition:

  • Creation Ministry Cautious about Ark Find
  • Pakistani Muslims Beat, Sodomize Christian Barber
  • Va. Governor Restores "Jesus' Name" by Police Chaplains
  • White House Less Concerned about Religious Freedom, Report Says

Creation Ministry Cautious about Ark Find

Baptist Press reports that one of the world's leading creation science organizations is skeptical of claims from a group of Turkish and Chinese explorers who say they have found Noah's Ark in eastern Turkey. Answers in Genesis, the apologetics ministry that operates the Creation Museum just outside of Cincinnati, said in a statement it needs more time to study the findings. "Every few years we hear of claims that Noah's Ark (or what may remain of it) has been found on the mountains of Ararat in Turkey," Answers in Genesis said. "... Answers in Genesis has seen many photos that were released, but without corroboration by the leading creationist organizations and not knowing all the research methods that were employed, we will withhold judgment until further study. Over the decades, we have learned to be cautious about such Ark claims."

Pakistani Muslims Beat, Sodomize Christian Barber

Compass Direct News reports that a Christian barber in Sargodha, Punjab Province, is still recovering from broken bones and other injuries sustained earlier this month. Eight Muslims allegedly beat and sodomized him for cutting the beard of a Muslim. Marwat Masih, 29, initially refused the request of 19-year-old Qandeel Cheema to cut his beard on April 13, knowing that area Sunni Muslims believe the Quran prohibits it. But Cheema, a high school student, told Masih that he had lived and studied in Lahore and therefore wanted a more modern look. As Masih was cutting Cheema's beard, the client's older brother - local radical Muslim land owner Shakeel Cheema - discovered them and began ransacking his barbershop and beating him with his shoes, Masih said. Cheema and his companions blindfolded Masih, and he later found himself in a locked room, where they broke his ribs, as well as bones in his wrist and legs. Police have refused family requests to file a First Information Report against Cheema and his accomplices, who all remained at large at press time.

Va. Governor Restores "Jesus' Name" by Police Chaplains

Christian Newswire reports that Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has restored the rights of six State Police Chaplains to pray publicly "in Jesus name." The executive order reverses the policy of his predecessor Governor Tim Kaine. "This victory comes after our two-year campaign for Jesus name," said Chaplain Klingenschmitt, who led a 1,000 person rally outside the Governor's mansion in 2008, then submitted up to 15,000 petitions to reinstate the chaplains jobs and free speech. Now that McDonnell has fulfilled his campaign pledge, the six chaplain heroes including Rex Carter and Mike Honaker, who had turned in their badges rather than deny Christ, will be invited back to their chaplain jobs, and given free speech to pray "in Jesus name."

White House Less Concerned about Religious Freedom, Report Says

The Christian Post reports that a government panel gave the Obama administration little credit on issues of religious freedom on Thursday. In its annual report, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom said, "Regrettably, that small point (freedom of religion) seems to shrink year-after-year for the White House and the State Department." The panel did not give previous administrations any praise either. "Neither prior Democratic and Republican administrations, nor the current administration, have been sufficiently engaged in promoting the freedom of religion or belief abroad." The report especially faulted the administration for leaving the position for Ambassador-At-Large for International Religious Freedom empty for more than a year.