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German Scientist: God Did Create the World in Just Six Days

German Scientist: God Did Create the World in Just Six Days

A German scientist is convinced that the Bible makes no mistakes, according to "idea," an evangelical news agency based in Germany. Professor Werner Gitt, former director in the Federal Institute for Physics and Technology in Brunswick, has "no problems believing that God created the world in just six days," reports idea.

The evolution theory was in contradiction not only with science, but also with human logic, Gitt told idea. "The complexity of the world was so immense that it simply cried out for an intelligent creator. And this could only be the creative God described in the Bible."

Faced with the argument that most scientists adhere to the theory of evolution Gitt said that "truth was not something to be found by majority decisions." The evolution theory, founded by Charles Darwin was based on an atheist worldview, Gitt added.

According to idea, the scientist rejects a theist evolution assuming that God controlled evolution over millions of years. All evolutionists agree that death means that the less adaptable beings will be eradicated and only the higher developed beings survive. This view is incompatible with the Scriptures, Gitt maintains.