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Doctors Join Senators & Pres. Bush in Fight Against Cloning

Doctors Join Senators & Pres. Bush in Fight Against Cloning

David Stevens, M.D., executive director of the Christian Medical Association, the nation's largest faith-based association of physicians, is testifying at a U.S. Senate event this morning that human cloning is unethical and unnecessary, and will call on senators to enact a true ban.

Stevens is scheduled to speak at a briefing in support of the bipartisan Brownback-Landrieu ban on human cloning. He will also gather with other medical and policy leaders at an afternoon briefing at the White House by President Bush.

The Christian Medical Association supports the bipartisan Brownback-Landrieu bill as the only legislation that would truly ban human cloning. Two competing "clone and kill" bills, which actually allow human cloning to the embryo stage and then mandate their destruction, are also currently under consideration in the Senate.

Stevens noted, "If we open this door one crack by allowing human cloning to the embryo stage, it is painfully clear that some mad scientist is ready and willing to implant that embryo in a womb. Once a human embryo is cloned, it is a fairly fast and simple step to implant that human embryo. Based on our knowledge of failed animal cloning experiments, the consequences would be tragic for both mother and child."