Texas Dad Denied Sole Conservatorship over 7-Year-Old, Mom Could Move Forward with Son's Gender Transition

Will Maule | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Texas Dad Denied Sole Conservatorship over 7-Year-Old, Mom Could Move Forward with Son's Gender Transition

Texas Dad Denied Sole Conservatorship over 7-Year-Old, Mom Could Move Forward with Son's Gender Transition

Editor's Note, October 28, 2019: Since this article was published, new information regarding this case has come to light. A Texas judge decided that both of the 7-year-old's parents should have rights over his medical decisions and that they must jointly make medical decisions regarding their son. Read the full article regarding the updated information here. The title of this article has been changed to avoid the spread of misinformation.  

A Texas court has ruled that a father will not be allowed to have conservatorship over his seven-year-old son, leaving his medical decisions to his mother who seeks to have her 7-year-old transition genders. Jeffrey Younger has been embroiled in a legal battle to stop ex-wife Dr. Anne Georgulas from helping their son, James, undergo a gender transition.

But in a judgment issued by an 11 to 1 jury in Dallas on Tuesday, Younger was denied sole Managing Conservatorship over his two twin boys, meaning Gerogulas can begin to administer puberty blockers, and eventually cross-sex hormones, to transition her son from “James” to “Luna.”

Over the course of the trial, attorneys representing Gerogulas have been criticizing Mr. Younger for involving media in the case, claiming that he is exploiting James’ story for his own gain. Jeffrey hit back by saying that he felt it was “important for people to know what’s going on in the court and in the medical field,” according to LifeSite News.

As part of a previous ruling, Jeffrey has been prohibited from trying to “convince his son he’s a boy.” Now, he will be powerless to stop his son from undergoing risky and life-altering treatment.

“I can't get over this case in Texas,” tweeted conservative commentator, Matt Walsh. “A mother decided that her 7-year-old boy is really a girl because he liked the movie Frozen. The husband insisted that he's a boy. Courts got involved. Jury just ruled that, yes, the boy is a girl and he will now be "transitioned" into one.”

Walsh warned that people “[don’t] realize just how monumental this case is” and that “we've just crossed a threshold as a society.”

“There's no going back,” he added. “These are very dark times. Most of all for that poor boy, whose mother is a despicable monster.”

Referencing an interview with the father, Walsh pointed out the shocking fact that, according to Jeffrey, the mother “used to lock the boy in his room and tell him there's a monster who only eats little boys” and started dressing him like a girl when he was aged just three.

On Friday, protesters urged Texas lawmakers to start the process of enacting legislation that would make it illegal for under-18’s to go through medical transition.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the potential side effects and medical complications resulting from cross-sex feminizing hormone therapy can include deep vein thrombosis, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

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