NFL Quarterback Deshaun Watson Gets Baptized in the Jordan River

Will Maule | Contributor | Tuesday, June 25, 2019
NFL Quarterback Deshaun Watson Gets Baptized in the Jordan River

NFL Quarterback Deshaun Watson Gets Baptized in the Jordan River

One of the hottest prospects in the NFL, Deshaun Watson, has been baptized in the Jordan River. The 23-year-old was invited to the Holy Land by a group called “America’s Voices in Israel,” which organizes trips for Latino and African-American celebrities to experience the ancient Biblical region. 

Alongside posting several photos from his trip on Instagram, Watson also issued a heartfelt statement, in which he expressed a deep affection for the land of Israel. “This is a part of the world which gets a lot of attention internationally, and this is a chance for me to look beyond the headlines and learn more about the history and culture of this land,” he said, according to Relevant Magazine

“I have been blessed to visit many countries around the world, but the chance to visit the Holy Land, see the sites and meet the people of this special place, truly is a special blessing and an amazing opportunity,” the star athlete noted. 

On Instagram, Watson outlined a quick summary of his experiences in Israel, all of which appeared hugely significant. “Went to Jesus’ hometown,” he wrote. “Got Baptized in the Jordan River.”

Other activities on the schedule included going “tubing in the Sea of Galilee” and taking a “trip through Mary Magdalene’s hometown” as well as seeing “the first church in Capharnuan.”

“Life Changing Experiences - Major Blessings!” he added.

Watson burst onto the scene a couple of years back not only for his explosive performances but also because of a viral moment in which he presented his first NFL paycheck, totaling more than $27,000, to three cafeteria workers who had been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"For what you all do for us every day and never complain, I really appreciate you all, so I wanted to give my first game check to y'all to help y'all out in some type of way,” Watson told the three women, according to the Independent. “Here you guys go."

But this compassionate young man didn’t stop there. As one of the women broke down in tears, Watson remarked, “Hopefully that's good and that can get you back on your feet. And anything else y'all need, I'm always here to help."

Watson is the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans.

Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Bob Levey/Stringer