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Justin Bieber Says 'God Has Me Right Where He Wants Me' on Cusp of New Album Release

Will Maule | Contributor | Monday, December 30, 2019
Justin Bieber Says 'God Has Me Right Where He Wants Me' on Cusp of New Album Release

Justin Bieber Says 'God Has Me Right Where He Wants Me' on Cusp of New Album Release

On Christmas Eve, pop megastar Justin Bieber delivered some long-anticipated news that delighted his legions of loyal fans: he will be releasing a new album in 2020. In a video introducing his latest project – a first release in five years – Bieber teased a new song, “Yummy,” and even spoke openly about his faith.

“As humans, we are imperfect. My past, my mistakes, all the things that I’ve been through, I believe that I’m right where I’m supposed to be and God has me right where he wants me,” the singer said in the video. “I feel like this is different than the previous albums just because of where I’m at in my life. I’m excited to perform it and to tour it. We all have different stories... I’m just excited to share mine.”

Bieber has become increasingly open about his faith in recent years, often posting about his experiences with God on Instagram.

“Even when the odds are against you keep fighting,” the “Purpose” singer wrote in an Instagram post on September 2. “Jesus loves you. Be kind bold today… and love people not by your standards but by God’s perfect unfailing love.”

Earlier, in August, Bieber even led worship at a church in LA.

“Sang at church last night,” he wrote on Instagram following the service. “God is pulling me through a hard season. Having trust in Jesus at your worst times is the absolute hardest. But He is faithful to complete what he started.”

The singer continued: “I also want to thank my wife for being such a huge support in my life through this season. It says in the bible: count it ALL JOY when you face trials of various kinds. Sounds insane considering when u face trials u feel terrible. But if we are grateful and worship God for what we do have in that season, there is so much power in that ... whatever pain you are going through just keep telling yourself THIS WON’T LAST! Love you guys, we in this together.”

More recently, Bieber has been posting a series of powerful guided prayers, led by Seattle megachurch pastor and long-time confidant, Judah Smith.

Bieber will set out on a massive tour across North America and Canada beginning with a show in Seattle, Washington, on May 14 and finishing up in East Rutherford, New Jersey on September 26.

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