Huge Blow for Joe Biden as Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

Will Maule | Contributor | Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Huge Blow for Joe Biden as Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

Huge Blow for Joe Biden as Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

Senator Bernie Sanders has won the crucial New Hampshire primary, prompting a surge of enthusiasm for his presidential campaign.

It was a disastrous night for Joe Biden, who finished fifth after Senator’s Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren – the worst ever showing for a former Vice President who openly contested the New Hampshire Primary. Biden, once the Democratic frontrunner, has suffered some huge setbacks in recent months.

The New Hampshire race was tight, however. With just over 95% of the vote reported, Sanders led Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, by less than 2 percent – a margin of nearly 4,000 votes.

Still, Sanders claimed the night as a "great victory" and even promised that the win signified "the beginning of the end" for President Trump. Surrounded by his family, the 78-year-old socialist revealed that his election strategy was to build an "unprecedented multi-generational, multi-racial political movement” in order to “defeat the most dangerous president in modern history.”

Earlier in the night, Trump took to Twitter to offer his own commentary on the political drama as it unfolded. “Bootedgeedge (Buttigieg) is doing pretty well tonight. Giving Crazy Bernie a run for his money. Very interesting!” he said, before noting that the media was desperate to find a Democratic win amongst the NH results.

“The Fake News Media is looking hard for the Big Democrat Story, but there is nothing too fabulous,” he tweeted. “Wouldn’t a big story be that I got more New Hampshire Primary Votes than any incumbent president, in either party, in the history of that Great State? Not an insignificant fact!”

Sanders claimed victory in Iowa on account of winning the popular vote, despite Buttigieg securing more delegates and thus technically being confirmed as the winner. The caucus descended into chaos after an app developed to tabulate and report the results began exhibiting technical malfunctions.

Putting Iowa behind them, Buttigieg congratulated the veteran Senator on his latest victory. "I admired Sen. Sanders when I was a high school student,” he said, according to CNN. “I respect him greatly to this day, and I congratulate him on his strong showing tonight.”

Tweeting as the results were finalized, Biden appeared to brush off the brutal loss: “Iowa and New Hampshire were just the beginning,” he wrote. “Now, we’re taking this campaign to Nevada and South Carolina, and we have to give it all we’ve got.”

With the impeachment trial behind him and his opposition floundering, President Trump’s re-election is looking increasingly likely. Indeed, the latest Monmouth University 2020 election poll found that the majority of voters – whether they support the President or not – are pretty convinced he will secure the White House for a second term in November.

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Huge Blow for Joe Biden as Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary