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Democrats Reveal 2 Official Articles of Impeachment: Abuse of Power, Obstruction of Congress

Will Maule | Contributor | Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Democrats Reveal 2 Official Articles of Impeachment: Abuse of Power, Obstruction of Congress

Democrats Reveal 2 Official Articles of Impeachment: Abuse of Power, Obstruction of Congress

On Tuesday, Democrats unveiled two official articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump that may lead to a full House vote on the matter in the coming weeks.

The charges against Trump were announced by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler and relate to “abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.”

Articles of Impeachment by Anonymous TjVFb1a9 on Scribd

“Unlike President Trump, we understand that our duty, first and foremost, is to protect the Constitution and to protect the interests of the American people,” Nadler said during his announcement, according to CNBC. “That is why we must take this solemn step today.”

According to the official impeachment article documents signed by Nadler, Trump has been charged with “committing high crimes and misdemeanors,” in relation to his dealings with Ukraine and his attempts to have his democratic rival, Joe Biden, investigated.

"Later this week, the Judiciary Committee will meet to consider these articles of impeachment and to make a recommendation to the full House of Representatives," Nadler added, noting that the President has “compromised our national security and threatened the integrity of our elections.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the man leading the impeachment proceedings, added that Trump’s “continuing abuse of power has left us no choice.”

“To do nothing would make ourselves complicit in the president's abuse of his high office, the public trust, and our national security,” he added, according to ABC News.

In response to the developments, President Trump has again insisted that the impeachment process is a desperate, unsubstantiated effort by the democrats to remove him from power. “Everyone said this is impeachment-lite,” he said at a rally in Pennsylvania Tuesday night, according to CNN. “This is the lightest impeachment in the history of our country, by far. It's not even like an impeachment.”

Tweeting yesterday, Trump declared “day after day” he is “exposing the depravity, dishonesty and sickness of the corrupt Washington establishment.”

“With your help, we are going to complete the mission and DRAIN THE SWAMP,” he added. 

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