Will Maule

Will Maule

'Teacher of the Year' Kneels in Protest during National Anthem at Championship Football Game Attended By Trump

A "National Teacher of the Year" award recipient from Minnesota is speaking out after controversy sparked because she kneeled during the National Anthem at the National College Playoffs Football Championship game with the president in attendance.

House Sends Impeachment Articles to the Senate, Trial Date Is Set

Nancy Pelosi sent the articles of impeachment over to the Senate on Wednesday prompting the setting of a date.

Feminist Group Claims Responsibility for Spate of Shocking Attacks on Pro-Lifers, German Churches

A radical feminist group has taken credit for a string of shocking attacks on pro-lifers and churches across Germany.

President Trump, First Lady Receive Warm Welcome at College Football Playoff National Championship Game

President Donald Trump and the First Lady receive a warm welcome as they walked on the College Football Playoff National Championship Game field.

Jeopardy! Gameshow Embroiled in Israeli-Palestinian Debate after Question Sparks Controversy

A Jeopardy! question about the location of the Church of the Nativity recently sparked controversy after one contestant was told Palestine was the worng answer and another was told Israel was correct.

Photographer Captures Jaw-Dropping Image of 'Devil Horns' Rising Out of the Persian Gulf

In the midst of a solar eclipse, a photographer captured a mirage in the shape of devil horns rising from the Persian Gulf.

University Student Desecrates Bible for Art Project, Places Satanic Image over Jesus' Face

When given an assignment to turn a book into something new, one University of Southern Maine student decided to tear the pages of a Bible and place a satanic image over Jesus' face. The student said he had been thinking about the idea of questioning authority and wanted to question religious authority -- something he says is ordinarily taboo.

New Massachusetts 'Roe Act' Will Permit Abortions after 24 Weeks

If approved, a new bill proposed in Massachusetts will allow doctors to sign off on abortions after 24 weeks of gestation if the patient’s life, physical or mental health are at risk.

Market Place Believed to Be 2,000-Years-Old Is Discovered in Jerusalem

Archaeologists in Israel believe they may have found a 2000-year-old market place where Jesus himself may have walked.

'There Are Months to Go': Devastating Bushfires Continue to Rage across Australia

Massive bushfires in Australia continue to rage on. The fires, which have been burning for months, have killed around 20 people and more than 500 million animals so far.