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Will Maule

FDA, FTC Order Jim Bakker to Stop Selling Fake Coronavirus Cure

The FDA and the FTC have sent an official warning to televangelist Jim Bakker, noting that he must cease selling and advertising a product called "Silver Solution." On Bakker's show, a woman selling the product claimed that it would "kill" the coronavirus in 12 hours.

Virginia Becomes First Southern State to Ban Conversion Therapy for Children

Virginia has officially become the first southern state in the U.S. to ban the controversial practice of conversion therapy on minors.

Beth Moore Says Scripture Helped Her Deal with Childhood Sexual Abuse

Christian author and speaker Beth Moore opened up about how scripture helped her survive the traumas of childhood sexual abuse.

College Students across the U.S. Set to Unite in Prayer

College students from around the United States are set to gather together in prayer on Thursday -- Collegiate Day of Prayer.

British Politician Suggests Babies Are Born without Biological Sexes

A British politician made some controversial comments regarding biological sex while appearing on Good Morning Britain. 

Most Evangelical Christians Live Outside North America and Europe, New Study Finds

Perhaps not so surprising for some and shocking to others, a new study has found the majority of global Evangelicals are not located in North America or Europe.

Famine Looms as Exodus Like Plague of Locusts Wreaks Havoc across East Africa

Swarms of locusts are overtaking parts of Eastern Africa causing many to recall the plague of locusts dropped on Egypt in the book of Exodus. The plague has grown so severe that many fear famine is near.

Francis Chan Tells of Incredible Physical Healings While Ministering in Myanmar

Pastor Francis Chan recently recalled witnessing miracles of healing. One instance, in particular, really seemed to strike a chord for Chan. The former megachurch pastor recalled a moment when two deaf children came for healing and after being prayed over, they had regained their hearing.

Huge Blow for Joe Biden as Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

The New Hampshire primary was another tight race for Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, only this time, it was Sanders who came out on top.