Are Attacks Against President Trump a Satanic Ploy to Destroy America?

Scott Slayton | Contributor | Thursday, March 2, 2017

Are Attacks Against President Trump a Satanic Ploy to Destroy America?

Pat Robertson’s cohost on the 700 Club posed this question to him from a viewer named Kathy who said she voted for the President because she ‘believed he would make America Great Again.’” 

Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcast Network, responded, “There’s a desire on the part of some, and I think it’s satanic, it really is spiritual, to destroy America. America is the great hope of the world. If America goes down, the lamp of freedom goes out. There’s no other champion of freedom anywhere in the world and we would be engulfed in chaos."

Equating Trump’s election with a return from the brink of that chaos, Robertson also said, ““We were heading that way. Obama was bringing it on. Another four or eight years of Obama-style government and we would have been consumed with a socialist mentality and the freedom that we’ve enjoyed would be blotted out, so God gave us a reprieve and this thing is spiritual."

Robertson concluded with an appeal to pray for the President and for the nation because he believes the war against the President is a spiritual one. “"We need this land, it’s so important. I counsel you: Pray for this nation, pray for the president, pray for this nation. What’s being done against him surpasses—it’s not human, it’s a spiritual thing."


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Publication date: March 2, 2017