Tim Ballard Addresses Sting Operation 'Tactics' Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for ChristianHeadlines.com | Updated: Sep 27, 2023
Tim Ballard Addresses Sting Operation 'Tactics' Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Tim Ballard Addresses Sting Operation 'Tactics' Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Former government agent Tim Ballard, whose story is highlighted in the summer box office hit “Sound of Freedom,” has issued a defense against recent allegations of sexual misconduct. 

As Christian Headlines previously reported, Ballard was accused of taking women on overseas missions focused on sex trafficking and pretending that they were his wife. He was also accused of forcing them to share a bed or shower with him as a tactic to fool traffickers. 

For this part, Ballard has shot down the allegations against him. 

“Based on the allegations that are flying around and the questions being asked,” he said in a video posted to Instagram, “we’ve decided to tell you these tactics. While I do so, I’m going to pay homage, respect, love, and gratitude for these female operators who serve such an important role in rescue operations.”

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He noted that there is a ton of work behind the scenes that takes place in order to fool traffickers into working with Ballard despite them not realizing it is a sting operation, Faithwire reported. 

“It’s a very proactive work,” said Ballard. “So, if I am … or one of my operators is approached by a trafficker trying to put a child to service on that person or a sex worker and that man, that operator doesn’t partake of what’s being offered, they lose credibility, and so we came up with a concept that we call the ‘couple’s ruse’ or the ‘couple’s tactic.'”

According to Ballard, the “couple’s tactic” entails him and a female operator entering a situation either as a married couple or dating. Later, one of the sting operators will pretend to want the child offered to them while the other resists. 

“The bottom line is we block for each other,” he said. “So the trafficker sees the situation and recognizes I have every excuse not to partake. Hundreds, maybe thousands of children have been rescued using this amazing tactic.”

Ballard also announced sharing testimonials from some of the “heroic” women he has worked with. He added that these women “want their voices heard.”

“They want you to know what it’s been like for them working with me and other operators,” the former agent explained. “It’s time for you to look under the hood, and you can make your own decision about these tactics. But I want to pay homage to these female operators. I want to give them the opportunity to tell their story and bear witness to the amazing work they have done working with our teams.”

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Tim Ballard Addresses Sting Operation 'Tactics' Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations