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T.D. Jakes Names Daughter Successor of Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Conference

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for ChristianHeadlines.com | Tuesday, September 27, 2022
T.D. Jakes Names Daughter Successor of Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Conference

T.D. Jakes Names Daughter Successor of Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Conference

Bishop T.D. Jakes anointed his daughter, pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, as his successor last Saturday at the final Woman Thou Art Loosed! annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sarah Jakes Roberts, who co-pastors the Los Angeles and Denver branch of the Potter's House with her husband, Touré Roberts, will lead future women's conferences under the name "Evolve."

Meanwhile, Jakes, who led the prominent women's empowerment ministry and conference for over two decades, will remain senior pastor of the Dallas-based megachurch, The Potter's Church.

"With every drop of oil that falls upon your head, may the strength and power of the Almighty God rest upon your life," Jakes told his daughter as he anointed her with oil on stage.

"After 30 years of Woman, Thou Art Loosed! and 45 years of preaching the Gospel, the time has come that I must decrease, and you must increase," Jakes continued. "This is not an inheritance; this is a calling. You are not standing on this stage for family legacy. This is not a favor, but a divine assignment that Woman, Thou Art Loosed! must evolve."

According to ChurchLeaders.com, Jakes stressed that the leadership transition was a new beginning rather than an ending. He also rejected the idea that it's "weak" for a man to empower a woman.

"I have watched you grow from my baby girl into a leader, changemaker, and influencer with a reach far beyond generations of women. You've touched the lives of so many, and as your earthly father, I've never been prouder! It is my distinct honor to pass the torch to you. You've earned it and will excel wherever God takes you for women's empowerment!" Jakes wrote on Instagram Sunday.

He also vowed to "always be there to put my coat over you for as long as I live, and gladly so. For as I decrease, I will watch God increase you!"

T.D. Jakes anoints his daughter

In addition to his pastoral duties at The Potter's House, Jakes will also work on real-estate ventures such as expanding affordable-housing options and business opportunities in various cities, including Atlanta.

Last week, Jakes signed a two-year deal with streaming platform Amazon Freevee to launch a streaming channel that will feature his sermons and faith-based interviews. The deal is expected to launch on December 1, Variety reports.

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T.D. Jakes Names Daughter Successor of Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Conference