Skillet Frontman John Cooper Says Woke Ideology, Moral Relativism Are 'Wrecking Christianity'

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Thursday, April 29, 2021
Skillet Frontman John Cooper Says Woke Ideology, Moral Relativism Are 'Wrecking Christianity'

Skillet Frontman John Cooper Says Woke Ideology, Moral Relativism Are 'Wrecking Christianity'

Skillet frontman John Cooper is urging Christians to be "extremely vigilant about the Word of God" in dealing with woke ideology and moral relativism, which he argues has crept into the church.

According to The Christian Post, Cooper explained on leading pro-life activist Abby Johnson's podcast, Politely Rude, how people have ceased to believe in absolute truth throughout the years.

"I didn't even know that would be a possibility," he said. "I studied postmodernism in college, but I never thought that anyone would actually build a society upon it because it's so untenable."

"But that is what we have now built society on," Cooper continued. "And what's really scary is how that philosophy has entered into Christianity. It doesn't even make any sense. You can't believe in God but not believe in absolute truth because one negates the other. Yet that is what's actually happening in Christianity."

The Christian rocker urged Christians to "be extremely vigilant in about what the Bible says" lest they end up reading it "with that same sort of relativism."

"And when you do that, you're not starting from a premise that the Word of God is absolute, that God's Word is supreme," he contended.

Cooper pointed out how relativism is contrary to Scripture as subjective feelings become the source of authority rather than objective truth.

"What happens in relativism is you say, 'No, I am supreme. My feelings are supreme, my experience is the brain, I can find truth in my heart,'" he explained. "Then I look through that filter at the Word of God, and then I shape the Word of God to meet my needs. So we need to be extremely vigilant about this because it is wrecking Christianity."

In contrast, Cooper explained that following Jesus Christ requires submitting to His lordship and not going by what feels good.

"What Jesus requires is actually Lordship, and with Lordship comes an understanding that I am not my own God," he said. "This isn't about what makes me emotionally feel good. This is about the Lordship of Christ, He is God, and I am not."

He added that "emotionalism" is also a part of the woke ideology as it has permeated the church as "another gospel".

"I truly do believe that it's another gospel," the singer warned. "I think we have a load of people who say that they believe they are followers of Jesus Christ, but really they're not. They just like the idea of who they think Jesus is, but I don't think they actually know biblical Jesus."

Cooper recently published the book Awake & Alive To Truth (Finding Truth In The Chaos Of A Relativistic World), in which he speaks on how relativism and postmodernism are in opposition to the Bible.

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