Rosaria Butterfield Blames Revoice, Cru, and Preston Sprinkle for Spreading 'Lies' about Sexuality

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Updated: Nov 17, 2023
Rosaria Butterfield Blames Revoice, Cru, and Preston Sprinkle for Spreading 'Lies' about Sexuality

Rosaria Butterfield Blames Revoice, Cru, and Preston Sprinkle for Spreading 'Lies' about Sexuality

Author, speaker, and former gay activist Rosaria Butterfield criticized Revoice, Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), and Dr. Preston Sprinkle and his Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender for allegedly spreading lies about sexuality and discouraging repentance from sin.

“Have you ever heard that same-sex attraction is a sinless temptation and only a sin if you act on it?” Butterfield asked her audience during her talk at Liberty University’s convocation on Friday, Nov. 10.

“Or that people who experience same-sex attraction are actually gay Christians called to lifelong celibacy? Or that people who experience same-sex attraction rarely, if ever, change and therefore should never pursue heterosexual marriage?”

She specifically called out “Revoice, Preston’s Sprinkle’s Exiles in Babylon Conference sponsored by his heretical Center for Faith, Sexuality, & Gender, and Cru” for spreading these concepts as “lies.”

Although the audience responded in shock, Butterfield replied, “I got the receipts, people.”

According to Church Leaders, Butterfield opened her remarks with her life story, particularly with how she once identified as a lesbian and her subsequent repentance after putting her faith in God. 

 “I learned how to hate my sin without hating myself,” she told the students. “The way to grace is through repentance.”

“I have come to learn that while homosexuality is part of my biography, it is not part of my nature,” she continued, receiving applause. “But the world that we live in, our anti-Christian age, disagrees.”

Butterfield cited from her latest book, “Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age,” noting that the “five lies of our anti-Christian age have coiled their way from the world to the church.”

The five lies are as follows:

  1. Homosexuality is normal.
  2. Pagan spirituality is kind and inclusive.
  3. Feminism is good for the church and the world.
  4. Transgenderism is normal.
  5. Modesty for women is outdated and dangerous.

“These lies,” said Butterfield, “which have entered the church and the Christian college, have one thing in common: They discourage repentance of sin and encourage the pride of victimhood. And these lies have a subtle appearance because Satan is a liar who specializes in the persuasive lie of the half-truth.”

When it came to the lies being spread by Revoice, Sprinkle, and Cru, she said, “I have believed these lies too, and not only as a Christian, and I have repented publicly as a Christian in my book, to you, in articles, and these people can do the same. We don’t throw people away, but without repentance, we don’t trust them.”

“We trust repentant saints, not just people with flashy ministries,” she continued.

Butterfield also addressed how compassion should not excuse sin but fight against it.

“The biblical truth is that homosexuality and transgenderism are found in the flesh, forbidden in the law, and overcome in the savior.” She said, “Are you crushing sin in Christ or coddling it through some of the trash theology that I mentioned before that masquerades as Christian?” 

“Choose this day whom you will serve,” she concluded.

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Rosaria Butterfield Blames Revoice, Cru, and Preston Sprinkle for Spreading 'Lies' about Sexuality