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Pastor John MacArthur Recovering at Home after Doctors Cleared Blockage from Arteries

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for ChristianHeadlines.com | Monday, January 16, 2023
Pastor John MacArthur Recovering at Home after Doctors Cleared Blockage from Arteries

Pastor John MacArthur Recovering at Home after Doctors Cleared Blockage from Arteries

Grace Community Church of Sun Valley, California, announced last week that Pastor John MacArthur is taking the next few weeks from preaching after doctors removed a blockage in his arteries.

"Thank you for praying for Pastor John over the last two weeks. After a week of tests, the doctors determined that a procedure was needed to clear some blockage in his arteries. That procedure took place earlier this week and was very successful," the church shared in an update last week.

"Our pastor is recovering at home and is doing well. He will take the next few weeks off from preaching to recover and to prepare for Shepherds Conference. God has answered our prayers, and we can add to those prayers thanksgiving that his situation was identified and resolved. Our pastor is feeling better and is grateful for the opportunity to rest in the coming weeks."

In closing, the church asked for continued prayers for MacArthur's recovery.

As Christian Headlines previously reported, MacArthur dropped out from preaching the second Sunday service on January 1 due to an unspecified illness.

"Many of you are praying for Pastor John's health due to his absence from the pulpit during the second service. We are pleased to report that he is doing well. He saw a doctor on Sunday afternoon, and he is in good health and just needs rest from a busy holiday week," the church wrote in a statement at the time.

As reported by Protestia, a Grace Community Church elder told the congregation that MacArthur had been feeling under the weather during the week.

"Just so you know, Pastor John had a bug this week and preached our first hour but asked if he might be able to take a break for the second hour. So Mike Riccardi is going to be answering the call. It's pretty amazing we have guys with sermons in their Bibles wherever you go, and so Mike's going to be here," the GCC elder said.

The 2023 annual Shepherd's Conference will take place at the church this March under the theme, "Shepherding the Remnant."

"Throughout Scripture, there is a repeated emphasis on a remnant of God's people—believers persevering faithfully despite opposition and oppression, and godly leaders shepherding the remnant with courage, clarity, and conviction," the conference website states.

Featured speakers at the conference include MacArthur, Steven J. Lawson, H.B. Charles Jr., and others.


Pastor John MacArthur 'Doing Well' after Missing Church Service due to Illness

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