NY Attorney General: Gov. Cuomo Undercounted COVID Nursing Home Deaths by 50%

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for ChristianHeadlines.com | Friday, January 29, 2021
NY Attorney General: Gov. Cuomo Undercounted COVID Nursing Home Deaths by 50%

NY Attorney General: Gov. Cuomo Undercounted COVID Nursing Home Deaths by 50%

A new report on behalf of New York’s attorney general noted that the administration under Gov. Andrew Cuomo undercounted the amount of COVID deaths in the state by 50 percent.

The report, which was 76 pages long, was published on Thursday following an investigation into Cuomo’s office that lasted several weeks.

“As the pandemic and our investigations continue, it is imperative that we understand why the residents of nursing homes in New York unnecessarily suffered at such an alarming rate,” James said in a statement. “While we cannot bring back the individuals we lost to this crisis, this report seeks to offer transparency that the public deserves and to spur increased action to protect our most vulnerable residents.”

According to CNBC, the number of deaths of nursing home residents while in the hospital more than doubled following the investigation.

After the report was published, Cuomo was criticized by members of various media outlets on social media.

“Absolutely damning” Steve Krakauer, the editor of the “Fourth Watch” newsletter and podcast, tweeted in response to the news.

Meghan McCain, the lone conservative co-host of ABC’s “The View,” called the New York governor “a monster”.

Brandon Wall, the Curation Director of Buzzfeed News, sarcastically asked, “Which chapter of Cuomo’s book, ‘Leadership Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic,’ outlines coverups?”

Even CNN described Cuomo’s handling of the virus as “less stellar than it seemed,” according to a report on the story.

In October 2020, Gov. Cuomo published his book American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, which also became a New York Best Seller. In November that year, he was awarded the Founders Award at the 48th International Emmy Awards for his efforts.

Fox News Senior meteorologist Janice Dean, whose in-laws passed away from COVID-19 earlier this year, argued that Cuomo, “is going to have to answer for his role in the nursing home tragedy and the cover-up”

“The angels won,” she added.

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