'Not Our Faith': Bipartisan Christian Group Seeks to Draw Evangelical Voters Away from Trump

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for ChristianHeadlines.com | Wednesday, October 14, 2020
'Not Our Faith': Bipartisan Christian Group Seeks to Draw Evangelical Voters Away from Trump

'Not Our Faith': Bipartisan Christian Group Seeks to Draw Evangelical Voters Away from Trump

With the 2020 Presidential election just weeks away, a bipartisan group of Christians has created a political action committee in order to encourage Christians not to vote for President Trump.

According to the Associated Press, the group dubbed Not Our Faith, released its first digital ad, “Not Our Vote, Not Our Faith” on Tuesday, which already has over 11,000 views on its YouTube channel.

The ad accuses President Trump for using Christianity “for his own purposes” urging Christians to see that they “don’t need Trump to save them. The truth is that Trump needs Christians to save his flailing campaign.”

“Look who he surrounds himself with,” the ad says as prominent evangelical leaders including former Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. are shown on screen. Falwell resigned from the evangelical school in late August amid a sex scandal.

Trump’s faith advisor Paula White-Cain, a known prosperity preacher, is also shown saying, “you need to send in that 100,000 check.”

“Ask yourself, is our culture healthier or more broken after the last four years?” the video asked. “Are we more unified or divided and are we more or less of a Christian nation?

“Mr. President, the days of using our faith for your benefit are over. We know you need the support of Christians like us to win this election, but you can't have it. Not our vote. Not our faith,” the promo concluded.

Members of the PAC’s advisory council include past Obama faith advisor Michael Wear and Autumn Vandehei, a former aide to former Republican Rep. Tom DeLay from Texas.

“Trump eked out 2016 with unprecedented support from white evangelicals and, important to note, a really strong showing among Catholics. We’re going after all of it,” Wear told the AP. “We think Christian support is on the table in this election.”

He added that the initiative seeks “to reach and appeal to a diverse coalition of Christians … just as we anticipate a diverse coalition of Christians will oppose Donald Trump’s reelection.”

Additional members include Carolyn Y. Woo, the former president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, and the Rev. Alvin Love of Lilydale of First Baptist Church-Chicago and chair of faith-based initiatives at the National Baptist Convention.

The group seeks to release six-figure TV and digital ads in drawing more Christian voters away from President Trump.

“Every day between now and the election, we’ll be highlighting an aspect of President Trump’s record and the impact he’s had on this country,” the Not Our Faith Pac stated on its website.

Throughout the election season, several groups have opposed the President by seeking to take his evangelical base away from him including Republican Voters Against Trump and a joint-effort between The Lincoln Project and Vote for Common Good.

Prominent Christian leaders, including Billy Graham’s granddaughter, Jerushah Duford, have recently joined a group called “Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden.”

While its members disagree on Biden’s pro-abortion stance, they believe that the Democratic Presidential nominee’s policies offer a more “biblically shaped ethic of life than those of Donald Trump.”


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