Mike Pence: People of Faith Have 'No Greater Champion' Than President Trump

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for ChristianHeadlines.com | Updated: Oct 30, 2020
Mike Pence: People of Faith Have 'No Greater Champion' Than President Trump

Mike Pence: People of Faith Have 'No Greater Champion' Than President Trump

In an op-ed published by The Christian Post, Vice President Mike Pence made the case as to why people of faith should re-elect President Trump in the 2020 election. 

Pence highlighted the impact of Trump’s first term and how the nation, especially Christians, “have a lot to be proud of.”

“Four years ago, Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy, and a movement was born,” Pence exclaimed. “Millions of forgotten men and women across the nation rallied behind President Trump because they shared his belief that America could be strong and prosperous again.”

For people of faith, Pence explained that Trump has protected “our most cherished values and God-given liberties” after experiencing a “steady assault” on them during the Obama administration.

The Vice President said that since Trump took office, he has delivered on his promises on foreign policy, protecting religious freedom, upholding the sanctity of human life, and appointing conservative judges.

After decades of talks on moving the American Embassy to Israel by Presidents from both parties, Pence stressed that Trump made it a reality, as “today that embassy is finally located in Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Israel.”

Pence added that the move would set the stage for the signing of the Abraham Accords, where two Arab nations recognized Israel, with more Arab countries expected to join in the near future.

On upholding the sanctity of human life, the Vice President commended Trump for being “the most pro-life President in American history.”

“On just his fourth day in office, President Trump reinstated — and later expanded — the ‘Mexico City policy,’ which ended taxpayer funding of programs that provide or promote abortion abroad,” Pence explained.

Trump and Pence would also become the first President and Vice President to speak at the March for Life rally.

“It was my honor to be the first Vice President to speak at the March for Life. And this past January, President Trump became the first President to address the March for Life in person,” he wrote.

Conversely, Pence warned of what a Biden-Harris administration would entail when it comes to abortion.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support abortion-on-demand — even up to the moment of birth,” he noted. They’ve called for historic increases in funding to Planned Parenthood, and even repealing the Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer funding of abortions. They even blocked the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, which would have required medical care to be provided to those who survived attempted abortions.”

Meanwhile, Trump “has called on Congress to end late term-abortion once and for all and recently signed an Executive Order protecting all babies born alive,” Pence asserted.

“And in perhaps my proudest moment as Vice President, I cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate for a law that allowed states to defund Planned Parenthood — and President Trump signed the bill.”

Pence then turned to Trump’s defense of religious liberty at home and abroad, calling it “a staple of American policy.”

“We’ve offered unprecedented support to religious minorities of all faiths who have been persecuted by oppressive governments, and terrorist groups like ISIS,” the Vice President explained.

“Here at home, President Trump believes freedom of speech shouldn’t end at the front door of our churches and houses of worship — so he freed up the pulpits of America and stopped enforcing the Johnson Amendment.”

Trump also sought to restore “the conscience rights of doctors, nurses, teachers, and religious charities.”

If Biden was elected, however, “he will re-impose Obamacare mandates on religious institutions like the Little Sisters of the Poor, forcing them to violate the core tenets of their faith,” Pence argued.

“By contrast, President Trump ended the assault against the Little Sisters of the Poor, and the Supreme Court voted 7-2 to end it forever,” he added.

Trump’s first term also saw the appointment of 250 conservative judges to the federal courts “at every level” with a record 300 judges by the end of the first term. Pence asserted that they will “uphold the God-given liberties enshrined in our Constitution, like the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

Additionally, Trump appointed three justices to the Supreme Court, with the third nominee being Amy Coney Barrett, who was confirmed on Monday night.

“Over this past year, our nation has been through a time of testing,” Pence noted.

He added that Americans are “approaching a time for choosing” in the 2020 election, where the nation’s foundation of freedom is at stake.

“We must vote to protect the very foundation of our country,” Pence stressed. “The American people know that the foundation of America is freedom, but the foundation of freedom is faith. Our freedoms are a gift from our Creator, and when we defend them, we make His work on earth our own.”

“So when you consider your vote this year, remember this: in this election, people of faith have no greater champion than President Donald J. Trump,” the Vice President concluded.


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Mike Pence: People of Faith Have 'No Greater Champion' Than President Trump