LeAnn Rimes Says Her New Album God's Work Is 'a Reclamation of God for Herself'

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for ChristianHeadlines.com | Thursday, September 22, 2022
LeAnn Rimes Says Her New Album <em>G</em><em>od's Work</em> Is 'a Reclamation of God for Herself'

LeAnn Rimes Says Her New Album God's Work Is 'a Reclamation of God for Herself'

Grammy Award-winning country singer LeAnn Rimes is describing her latest album, god's work, as a "reclamation of God for herself."

In an interview with Forbes, Rimes explained that the "lowercase 'g' represents the duality of this record and where humanity meets spirit."

"I kind of ran from the word God for a long time," she told the publication. "I was raised Southern Baptist, and my frustration was we're brought up with these messages of love, acceptance, community and forgiveness, but no one's living them to the fullest."

Rimes' upbringing in the church led her to "question how we're allowing creation to work through us for a better world." She hopes her new music will help bring people together by offering "hope and healing."

"God can mean different things to different people. To me, it inserts the word 'love,' the word' creation,'" Rimes continued. "I saw somewhere where people were saying it's called god's work, so it's a religious record. It's whatever it is to you."

"Art is so subjective, and we project upon what we hear through our own experience. Whatever it moves in you, whatever you hear, that's what it is."

According to The Christian Post, Rimes won her first Grammy when she was just 14 years old, the youngest solo artist ever to win the prestigious award. She went on tour this summer, during which she performed her most popular songs and some new music from god's work.

"Even when people didn't know the music they seemed to be connecting and jamming to it already," Rimes noted. "When we played god's work, it's like we turned the whole audience into a choir, and by the end, they were all singing 'We are god's work' then applauding afterward. I think it's empowering."

"I wanted to touch on the collective experience we were having and some of the complexities of that. I got to dig into grief, anger, rage and hope, just a myriad of emotions we all go through in this human experience."

Rimes also noted that she wants listeners to learn something "new about themselves, and the complexities of life in the process" through her new music.

The new album, which was three years in the making, has 12 tracks and features guest vocals from various artists, including Ziggy Marley, Mickey Guyton, Aloe Blacc, Ben Harper, Robert Randolph, Sheila E., and more.

The artist also has the words "god's work" tattooed on her forearm, which she revealed in a photo of herself posted online in 2019. At the time, commenters criticized Rimes for putting a lowercase g on God.


Country Singer LeAnn Rimes to Release Faith-Inspired Album, God's Work

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