Girl Celebrates Abortion in Viral Tik Tok Video

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Girl Celebrates Abortion in Viral Tik Tok Video

Girl Celebrates Abortion in Viral Tik Tok Video

A now-deleted Tik Tok video of a girl getting an abortion has gone viral on social media.

According to The Federalist, the Tik Tok video has more than four million views, with more than 340,000 likes and more than 13,400 comments.

The 19-second video entitled, “abortion time take 2” suggests that this may be the video creator’s second abortion.

In the video, as a positive pregnancy test flashes on the screen, one girl can be heard asking her friend “How do you feel Ashley?”

The girl, presumably named Ashley, simply responded “Ummm.”

The video then cuts to the pair sitting in a car outside of the Planned Parenthood Pasadena Health Center in Pasadena, California, as the girl allegedly getting an abortion nervously laughs.

Inside the clinic, a caption on the video reads “there’s two abortion moods.” At first, a “slightly somber” couple is pictured before the video cuts to Ashley fist-pumping right before it closes out with her in a medical gown in the exam room with an ultrasound of the baby.

Although the clip was non-graphic, it was heavily criticized on social media.

Live Action USA’s founder and president Charlie Kirk called the video “sick and depraved.”

Lila Rose, president of pro-life group Live Action tweeted, “Our ability to be cruel is endless. When society celebrates abortion, should we be surprised to see this kind of cruelty? My heart breaks for this little helpless baby, killed on camera, his young mother joking about it. And it breaks for her, who will live with this all her life.”

In a follow-up tweet, she reveals that her account was locked until the Tik Tok clip was taken down after she had posted it. Rose then calls for prayer for the girl and for an end to “‘pro-choice’ brainwashing that dehumanizes & kills helpless babies.”
According to Insider, videos featuring abortion and pro-life hashtags are prominent on Tik Tok  “racking up more than 70 million views each, most likely because the platform offers a wide array of ways users can comment their opinions on the matter.”

Like Ashley, other girls have filmed themselves on Tik Tok while they were on their way to abortion clinics.

For instance, one girl jokes that she is finding out her baby’s gender, but later reveals that the baby was instead aborted. In the short video, she held up a sign that said, “it’s a…” before revealing another notecard that read, “borted.”

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