Duck Dynasty Family to Star in Upcoming Film, The Blind

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Published: May 24, 2022
Duck Dynasty Family to Star in Upcoming Film, <em>The Blind</em>

Duck Dynasty Family to Star in Upcoming Film, The Blind

The Robertson family from the hit reality television series Duck Dynasty will be hitting the big screen next year in the upcoming film, The Blind.

The Blind, projected to be released in 2023, will be centered around the family's patriarch Phil Robertson. The film will explore Robertson's experience living in the South in the 1960s, his struggles with alcoholism and family issues.

As reported by MovieGuide, the movie is currently being filmed in the family's native Shreveport, Louisiana. Tread Lively Entertainment, which worked with the Robertsons on their family podcast, is producing it.

Duck Dynasty, which aired from A&E from 2012 to 2017, follows the Robertsons as they operate their successful family-owned business, Duck Commander. Its fourth season is the most-watched show in A&E Network's history.

Robertson, an author and podcast host, has often been outspoken about his Christian faith. In a December 2021 post on Instagram, he detailed a visit to an old friend named Al, whom he had partied with in his "heathen days."

The Duck Commander shared he had visited Al in Arkansas because he had an aneurysm in his heart "that could burst any second." Robertson recalled Al telling him that he had been keeping up with him and had "never seen such a change in a man."

"He wanted to know what I'd done," Robertson said. "I shared that I'd been a prisoner of the devil. God had freed me and could free him too. And I shared the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus."

In response, Al said, "This story, if it's true, it changes everything."

The reality star also said that he baptized Al, who passed away two months later.

"Two months later, Big Al was gone. But before that, he had unwound the lies of the devil and become a child of God," Robertson wrote.

"Big Al could be a testament to America. The real and living God wants to free us from death. He wants us to flourish. It's not too late for freedom – and to share that freedom with others."

According to CBN News, several members of the Robertson family shared their testimonies in Dysfunction to Dynasty, an eight-part mini-series on the website I Am Second.


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Duck Dynasty Family to Star in Upcoming Film, The Blind