Discovery+ to Release Series about Teenage Drag Performers

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Monday, May 2, 2022
Discovery+ to Release Series about Teenage Drag Performers

Discovery+ to Release Series about Teenage Drag Performers

The streaming platform Discovery+ announced that it will release a new series about teenage drag performers on June 1. Model and Dancing with the Stars host Tyra Banks is an executive producer of the show.

The six-episode series, titled Generation Drag, follows five teens as they prepare to perform at Dragutante, a “drag show designed as a platform for LGBTQ+ teens to express themselves.”

GENERATION DRAG follows Jameson, Noah, Vinny, Bailey and Nabela as they prep for Dragutante – a first-of-its-kind drag ball event for teens and tweens. In this inspiring documentary series, the teens juggle the pressures of being young adults, while pursuing drag greatness,” an April 26 press release from Discovery+ reads.

The show will also feature the teen’s parents who are learning to encourage and guide their children through the world of drag.

“Between the glitz and glam, ups and downs, and nerve-rattling stakes, their parents and ‘drag moms’ guide them along the tumultuous journey to the ultimate Dragutante stage located in Denver, Colorado,” the release adds.

Banks, who is a seasoned television host, shared that she admires and respects the teens starring in the show.

“I have such admiration and respect for these teens. They are bravely navigating coming into their own in a world that can be very challenging and not always accepting. What is so beautiful is seeing their parents and siblings supporting them,” Banks said in a statement. “These teens’ laser-focused tenacity inspires my team and me, and we are honored to share their stories. I can’t wait for these popping personalities to show their fierceness to the world,” she added.

Howard Lee, President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals, contended that the stories surrounding the five teens “is an inspiration to express yourself at any age.”

Dragutante, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, launched in 2017 and hosts an annual event where LGBTQIA+ teens can perform in drag.

“This full-day event creates an affirming place for future drag performers to experience the drag lifestyle behind the scenes, as well as on stage!” the organization stated on their website. “We believe that providing this opportunity to get to know professional drag performers will help to educate about Drag culture by creating an environment of acceptance and community.”

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Discovery+ to Release Series about Teenage Drag Performers