Communist China Implements Educational Measures Encouraging Children to 'Hate God'

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Updated: Feb 10, 2021
Communist China Implements Educational Measures Encouraging Children to 'Hate God'

Communist China Implements Educational Measures Encouraging Children to 'Hate God'

Young school students in China, as early as kindergarten, are further being indoctrinated to become hostile to God as the country’s communist party continues to crack down on religious beliefs.

According to The Epoch Times, the CCP seeks to groom the next generation with “right ideas and thoughts” that are rooted in atheism.

One anonymous Christian mother in China explains how her child underwent a transformation after being taught by the school to hate God.

“Before starting school, I told my child about God’s creation, and he believed it. But after being taught at school, my child is like a different person,” she noted. “In atheistic China, these pure and innocent children have been taught to hate God.”

In addition to anti-religious teaching, students are also taught to warn their parents of possible arrest if they attend church or religious places.

Bitter Winter, a magazine on religious liberty and human rights, recounts one case of the aforementioned child who had grown anxious when he found a Christian leaflet at home.

“My teacher says that Christianity is a xie jiao. If you believe in it, you will leave home and not take care of me. You might set yourself on fire, too,” the worried boy said.

The child also pulled out a school textbook, titled Morality and Society which features content related to xie jiao, meaning “heretical religions”. The CCP, however, chose to use a misleading English translation for the term as “cult” or “evil cult” to further stress their anti-religious agenda.

A month later, the mother recalled how her son displayed more aggressive behavior after she found him poking holes in a religious flyer— which she had previously hid in trying to avoid tensions. The child also threatened his mother to renounce her faith because “Christianity is a xie jiao” and she “mustn’t believe in it.”

In a clip provided by Bitter Winter, the footage shows a Chinese kindergarten class shouting anti-religious slogans and holding fast to science.

When translated into English the slogan reads: “Believe in science and keep away from xie jiao; starting with children, we’re the best.”

China is currently ranked 17th on Open Doors' 2021 World Watch List of countries where Christians endure persecution. The recent ranking for China points to increased anti-Christian persecution as China jumped six places from last year’s list. In the past three years, the communist-run country went up 26 places overall.

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Communist China Implements Educational Measures Encouraging Children to 'Hate God'