Christian Ministry Responds after 'SatanCon' Convention Sells Out

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Updated: Mar 01, 2023
Christian Ministry Responds after 'SatanCon' Convention Sells Out

Christian Ministry Responds after 'SatanCon' Convention Sells Out

A Christian ministry has responded to The Satanic Temple (TST) after the group announced that its convention, "SatanCon 2023," sold out.

As Christian Headlines previously reported, the conference's theme is "Hexennacht in Boston," based on the German feast, Hexennacht. The TST celebrates Hexennacht every April as one of its five religious holidays and commemorates the canonization of Saint Walpurga. The conference will be held from April 28-30 in Boston, Massachusetts.

The upcoming event is being called the "largest Satanic gathering in history."

According to CBN News, a "Satanic Ball" will be hosted on April 28, the conference's opening night.

On April 29, Lucien Greaves, the Satanic Temple's co-founder and spokesperson, will deliver the keynote address at the conference with co-founder Malcolm Jarr.

The conference will also offer scheduled sessions, including "Satanic Panic in Brazil," "Hellbillies: Visible Satanism in Rural America," "Deconstructing Your Religious Upbringing," "Reclaiming the Trans Body: A/theistic Strategies for Self-Determination and Empowerment" and "Sins of the Flesh: Satanism and Self-Pleasure."

Attendees can also check out a Satanic marketplace at the event, even though vendors have yet to be announced.

Intercessors for America (IFA), a Christian ministry, has responded to the announcement of SatanCon 2023, saying, "Our prayers will make a difference yet again. While TST plans and promotes, we will pray and fast that these efforts will actually backfire and instead embolden and empower the Church. They promise a weekend of 'blasphemy and remembrance in Boston.' Let's pray for a weekend of holiness and seeking God."

The IFA also contended that TST is "an adversary to the Christian faith."

"This is no neutral, 'intellectual,' quirky advocacy group. It is an adversary to the Christian faith and its free exercise in public spaces, to the protection of life, and to the advancement of Bible teaching in the public schools," the IFA said. "These rituals, practices, declarations, and beliefs are the gateway to allowing satanic footholds in people's lives. Tarot cards, voodoo dolls, hexes, and spells seem harmless to many, but we know that there is real satanic power behind those activities, and this power will ensnare anyone who participates in such things."

Last year, TST hosted its first convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, after the city previously prohibited the group from hosting the event.


The Satanic Temple to Host SatanCon 2023 in Boston: 'The Largest Satanic Gathering in History'

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Christian Ministry Responds after 'SatanCon' Convention Sells Out