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Biden Administration Seeks to Rescind Trump-Era Abortion Referral Ban

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for | Thursday, April 15, 2021
Biden Administration Seeks to Rescind Trump-Era Abortion Referral Ban

Biden Administration Seeks to Rescind Trump-Era Abortion Referral Ban

On Wednesday, the Biden administration proposed a rule that would reverse a Trump-era policy that banned clinics from referring women for abortions.

The federal family planning program, known as Title X, had been in place for decades. Each year, the program makes available about $286 million in grants to support clinics in underserved communities.

Planned Parenthood was previously a part of the program. When the Trump regulation came into effect in 2019, however, the abortion giant pulled out of the Title X program, despite receiving nearly $60 million from the program each year.

In an interview with CBN News, Concerned Women for America President and CEO Penny Nance suggested that the Trump pro-life regulation should be codified in the future.

"I think the lesson here that we have to recognize is that we have to codify this pro-life position, the Trump pro-life position as soon as possible," Nance said. "As soon as conservatives and the pro-life community is once again in control of Congress. This needs to be our first order of business."

Nance also asserted that the abortion battle in America rages on, pointing to President Biden's recent reversal of the Mexico City policy, which prohibited overseas organizations from using taxpayer dollars for abortions.

"The Biden administration right away in their flurry of executive orders on Day 1 undid that," she continued. "We're seeing the systematic assault against pro-life policies that were put into place by the Trump administration.

Nance also commended former President Donald Trump for standing up for the pro-life movement.

"And I think there's a lot to suggest that President Trump was perhaps our most pro-life president. Certainly, the only president, who not only supported his politics but also was very vocal, attended the March for Life and did everything he could do as far as personnel, by the way, personnel is policy," she said.

"At HHS, he protected the rights of doctors and nurses and pro-life professionals," Nance added. "All of that, all of that is on the table now. All of those people are under assault. Their pro-life religious freedom rights are under assault. Hundreds and hundreds of millions of our tax dollars are going to end life. This is the issue."

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