'A New Jesus Movement in America': More Than 35,000 Pray for Revival in Washington D.C.

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for ChristianHeadlines.com | Monday, October 26, 2020
'A New Jesus Movement in America': More Than 35,000 Pray for Revival in Washington D.C.

'A New Jesus Movement in America': More Than 35,000 Pray for Revival in Washington D.C.

On Sunday, over 35,000 people gathered for the Let Us Worship tour in Washington D.C. to intercede for the future of America.

The tour, which gathered throughout the day at different locations, began in front of the Supreme Court. There, believers prayed and worshipped ahead of Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s likely confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Bethel worship leader Sean Feucht, who has been leading the tour across the U.S. since the summer, noted that it was “the largest prayer gathering in front of the Supreme Court since Roe v. Wade.”

People gathering in DC

Dr. Charles Karaku of International Outreach Church lamented the substantial amounts of abortion that have taken place since Roe v. Wade was passed and asserted that abortions must be stopped.

“WHILE PRAYING ON THE STEPS OF WASHINGTON DC SUPREME COURT IT FELT LIKE WE STOOD ON THE AMERICAN VALLEY OF DRY BONES. IT IS FULL OF 62,000,000 DRY BONES OF A NATION OF ABORTED BABIES,” he wrote on Facebook, adding that the large number of abortions equates to the population of France or Italy.

“We have wiped out approximately the entire population of France or Italy. We have sacrificed these babies on the altars of comfort and convenience,” he continued.

Karuku called for abortion clinics across the U.S. to be defunded and shut down and for pro-choice politicians and political parties to be removed and replaced. He added that Christians and other religious faiths who align themselves with pro-choice politicians will ultimately be held accountable “for enabling this genocide.”

“We are on a crossroad. This is the time to see the Supreme Court reverse Roe Vs Wade” he asserted.

The rally also prayed in front of the church of the Presidents and the Lincoln Memorial before moving to the National Mall.

According to CBN News, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) made a guest appearance at the rally and prayed that the American people would “feel the love of Jesus.”

"America needs that love," he said. "They need to feel the love of Jesus Christ. They need that hope and joy that we have."

Senator Hawley asked believers to pray for Judge Barrett, as he highlighted her faith and pro-life beliefs. On Monday, the Senate is expected to finalize their confirmation of Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Pastor Jentezen Franklin of Free Chapel also made an appearance, preaching before the massive gathering of believers.

“Honored to preach in DC at the national mall with @seanfeucht for a remarkable night of worship,” Franklin tweeted. “Not ashamed to say I was moved deeply by this experience. The worship, the amazing body of Christ by the thousands standing and praying for our nation. (And yes I did wear a mask).”

During the evening, Dr. Karuku faced some opposition as a Satanist came and poured blood over him.

"Devil mad. WITCHES ARE RATTLED. THEIR POWER IS BROKEN," he wrote on Facebook. "I'm gonna keep the blood-stained clothes as a badge of honor for Jesus! Pleading the blood of Jesus. This movement is unstoppable."

The 4-hour event concluded with Feucht singing “Our God Reigns” and extending an invitation to new believers to stay after the rally to be baptized.

"We lit up the sky tonight in DC for King of Kings and the Lord of all Lords! I'm forever changed. I hope you are too," he wrote.

On New Year’s Eve, The Let Us Worship tour will host a special gathering in the same location as the 1906 Azusa Street Revival, a historical Pentecostal revival meeting that took place in Los Angeles, California.

Photo courtesy: Sean Feucht Facebook

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'A New Jesus Movement in America': More Than 35,000 Pray for Revival in Washington D.C.