82nd Airborne Chorus Performs on America's Got Talent

Milton Quintanilla | Contributor for ChristianHeadlines.com | Updated: Jul 17, 2023
82nd Airborne Chorus Performs on <em>America's Got Talent</em>

82nd Airborne Chorus Performs on America's Got Talent

U.S. soldiers recently delivered a powerful rendition of The Temptations' "My Girl" on America's Got Talent.

In a stunning entrance, Members of the Army's 82nd Airborne All-American Chorus took the stage as they marched in unison before turning to face the judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara.

"We hail from North Carolina," Staff Sgt. Marcus Gilbert told the judges last Tuesday. "We represent the 19,000 men and women that support and serve the Airborne division."

He shared that the group's performance was dedicated to a fellow soldier who recently passed away.

"We wanted to dedicate this performance," Gilbert continued. "Last week, we lost one of our soldiers — Specialist Elijah Crawford. So, we're dedicating this performance to him and all of the soldiers that have passed before him."

As reported by CBN News, the crowd was visibly shocked at the revelation of the fallen soldier and went wild when the 82nd Airborne All-American Chorus started to sing. After the performance, the group received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges.

"I love it!" AGT host Terry Crews said.

During an interview with The Fayetteville Observer, Gilbert shared that the audition occurred this past spring.

"It's not the first time an Armed forces group has been on the show, but it is the first time the 82nd, which is known to deploy anywhere in the world within 18 hours, has been on it," Gilbert said.

According to the U.S. Army's website, The 82nd Airborne Division All-American Band and Chorus delivers music to Fort Bragg "and the local area 'Telling the Army Story' in support of Soldiers and their Families, community and recruiting initiatives and music education programs."

"Our capabilities include Ceremonial Band, Brass Quintet, Woodwind Quintet, Jazz and/or Rock Ensemble and Concert Band and the All-American Chorus," the website added.

America's Got Talent, which entered its 18th season in May, features performances from people across the United States and abroad as they compete for the cash prize of $1 million.

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82nd Airborne Chorus Performs on America's Got Talent