Thousands of Swedes Are Implanting Microchips into Their Hands – Is it a Sign of the Antichrist?

Mikaela Mathews | Contributor | Thursday, September 12, 2019
Thousands of Swedes Are Implanting Microchips into Their Hands – Is it a Sign of the Antichrist?

Thousands of Swedes Are Implanting Microchips into Their Hands – Is it a Sign of the Antichrist?

A growing movement of Swedes are implanting microchips into their hands to replace credit cards and cash.

“Tech will move into the body,” the microchip pioneer Jowan Osterlund said to the New York Post, “I am sure of that.”

More than 4,000 citizens have opted to insert the chip, which is about the size of a grain of rice. The chip can also help monitor health and replace keycards for access into offices and buildings.

The progressive country hopes the chips catch on and thereby eliminate the need for cash. Microchip owners can simply swipe their hands to pay in stores.

Osterlund, who also owns Biohax International, has claimed that the technology is completely safe for users. But many are more concerned about privacy.

“The problem is, who owns this data?” Ben Libberton, a Swedish scientist, said. “Do I get a letter from my insurance company saying premiums are going up before I know I’m ill? If I use the chip to buy lunch, go to the gym and go to work, will someone have all of this info about me? Is this stored and is it safe?

“People have shown they’re happy to give up privacy for convenience,” he continued. “The chip is very convenient, so could we accept our data being shared very widely before we know the risks?”

For some pastors and End Time theologians, the microchip is a concerning sign of the Antichrist. As previously reported by Christian Headlines, Pastor Dave Doyle from Hope Christian Fellowship Church in Iowa has warned against people implanting microchips.

“I take microchipping as a form of the mark. There’s many pieces of the mark, and then again, all these pieces of the mark is designed to control,” he said. “It will eventually become something that’s mandatory, and for those who refuse it, you will have to deal with the authorities who don’t appreciate your opinions.”

He uses Revelation 13:16 as his source. It reads that the beast “forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads.”

Sam Storms, lead pastor at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma and Council member of The Gospel Coalition, disagrees with this interpretation. “I don’t believe the so-called ‘mark of the beast’ is a literal, physical mark on the bodies of unbelievers…Throughout Revelation we see Satan making every effort to copy whatever God does. For example, the three persons of the Holy Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—find their evil counterpart in Satan, the beast and the false prophet…The ‘mark’ of the beast that unbelievers receive on their forehead or right hand is a demonic rip-off…of the ‘mark’ believers receive on their foreheads.” He finishes his argument with verses from Revelation where believers receive a seal on their foreheads.

Photo courtesy: Brian Kostiuk Brikost/Unsplash