PA High School Hosts Drag Show During School Hours

Mikaela Mathews | Contributor | Thursday, May 23, 2019
PA High School Hosts Drag Show During School Hours

PA High School Hosts Drag Show During School Hours

As part of an all-day event honoring LGBTQ+ issues, a southeastern Pennsylvania high school hosted a drag show in its hallways during school hours.

The student-sponsored event at Landsdowne’s Penn Wood High School, entitled “Coming Home,” also included video presentations entitled “Singing and Runway Performances” and a “History of Drag,” which featured the 1969 Stonewall Riots. Other sessions included “Being an LGBTQ Ally” and “LGBTQ+ Health Issues.

An anonymous source alerted The College Fix to the drag show. "There are many religious people in this community," including an estimated 15-20 percent Muslim population at Penn Wood, according to the source. "Most of them have pulled their kids out of PWHS and sent them to parochial or Christian schools, but they still pay taxes to the school district. There are also many African Christians, who would be alarmed at this program."

The source put the blame on a change in leadership. Following the retirement of the previous superintendent, the high school has felt an “LGBT explosion.” “[Superintendent Joe] Bruni seemed to keep the more egregious LGBT genies in the bottle,” the source said. “He did not allow drag shows. He also turned down the drama director when she originally proposed RENT as a school musical. Since Mr. Bruni’s retirement years ago, the high school has offered special scholarships for LGBT students [and] there has never been any significant pushback against the LGBT agenda in this school.”

Although The College Fix reached out to the school for comment, no one responded. 

The school does allow students with religious convictions the opportunity to meet, even during class hours. Muslim students are allowed to use the school gymnasium for Ramadan prayers. There is also a Christian club, but according to the source, they hold their meetings after school hours.

The high school is not the only school to introduce and encourage drag and LGBTQ+ issues. As Christian Headlines previously reported, a North Carolina middle school invited two drag queens to talk to students about being transgender. And in April, a drag queen in Houston who had been invited to read stories to children was exposed as a convicted child sex offender.


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PA High School Hosts Drag Show During School Hours