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Dolly Parton and For King and Country Win Grammy for 'God Only Knows'

Mikaela Mathews | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Dolly Parton and For King and Country Win Grammy for 'God Only Knows'

Dolly Parton and For King and Country Win Grammy for 'God Only Knows'

In collaboration with the Christian duo For King and Country, Dolly Parton won her ninth Grammy award over the weekend for the single “God Only Knows.”

Though Parton couldn’t attend the ceremony, Josh and Luke Smallbone of For King and Country praised the country music legend in their acceptance speech, according to CBN News

“To dear Dolly Parton who is an incredible human being,” they said. “It’s one of the greatest moments of our career to collaborate with her and her team. She said, ‘I love this because it’s reaching to the marginalized, the depressed, the suicidal, which is all of us at some point.’”

The song won in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance and Song category. The song highlights struggles that only God knows with a refrain that includes the lines: “God only knows what you’ve been through//God only knows what they say about you//God only knows the real you//There’s a kind of love that God only knows.”

Parton was also nominated for her song “Girl in the Movies” with Linda Perry.

“What incredible news to be nominated for two Grammy Awards!” she wrote in an Instagram post. “It’s always a sweet thing to have your peers recognize and celebrate the music you make.”

Earlier last year, Parton and the song “God Only Knows” made waves at the CMA Awards. Women of country music were spotlighted, including Parton, who helped host the event, according to CBN News.

“This world is just so dark and ugly and awful,” she said in an interview. “So I’m gonna try and make it my business to do more songs that are more uplifting. Not just all Christian-based songs, but songs that are just about better things, and have a little more light.”

Parton’s faith has helped her along her music journey. In an interview with CBN, she said, “I pray every day. I pray about everything. I ask God to lead me and guide me in all the decisions I make—and to bring all the good and right people into my life and to let me do something to glorify God and uplift mankind.”

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Mikaela Mathews is a freelance writer and editor based in Dallas, TX. She was the editor of a local magazine and a contributing writer for the Galveston Daily News and Spirit Magazine.

Dolly Parton and For King and Country Win Grammy for 'God Only Knows'