Mikaela Mathews

Mikaela Mathews

Oregon Becomes First State to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Some Hard Drugs

Oregonian voters decided in a 59 to 41 vote to decriminalize small amounts of hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

Liberty University Removes John Piper's Convocation following Election Post

After Pastor John Piper encouraged Christians to consider a candidate's character and policy positions and asserted that he would not be voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden, Liberty University removed Piper's convocation from their website.

'We All Matter in the Eyes of God': Biden Says His Personal Life, Policies Are Informed by His Christian Faith

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden asserted in a new op-ed for The Christian Post that his Christian faith has informed his personal life and political career.

Church Discovered in Region Where Jesus Called Peter 'The Rock'

Archeologists have discovered what they believe to be one of the earliest churches in Israel. The church may even be the place where Jesus gave Peter “the keys to the kingdom of heaven” in Matthew 16:18-19.

Vietnamese Baptist Church Burned during Philadelphia Protest

A Vietnamese Baptist Church was burned down by rioters in Philadelphia on the second night of unrest following the police shooting of an armed Black man.

Pregnant Sadie Robertson Huff Hospitalized due to COVID-19 Complications

Sadie Robertson shared on her Instagram this week that she had been hospitalized due to COVID-19 complications. The author and former reality star then shared that she is presently at home resting.

'A Real Christian': Avengers Cast Defends Chris Pratt after Twitter Denounces Him for His Christian Beliefs

Chris Pratt's Avengers co-stars are coming to his defense after an online poll sparked widespread criticism of the actor's religious beliefs.

Capitol Hill Baptist Church Meets Again after Successful Lawsuit over COVID Restrictions

Following a successful lawsuit against Washington D.C. over COVID-19 restrictions, Capitol Hill Baptist Church gathered for the first time in the nation's capital since March.