Banish the Unofficial Luggage of Foster Care

Mikaela Mathews

Mikaela Mathews

Sidewalk Prophets Hosts Virtual Christian Tour to Raise Money for COVID Orphans

Sidewalk Prophets, a Christian music group, has partnered with Bethany Christian Services to raise money for those affected by COVID-19 around the world.

Schumer Agrees to Biden's LGBTQ Plan

Senator Chuck Schumer shared this week that he supports presumptive president-elect Joe Biden's plan to pass the pro-LGBT Equality Act in his first 100 days.

First-Ever Bible Narrated Only by Women Is Released

A non-profit group has released an audio Bible that is narrated entirely by women. This is a first of its kind audio Bible and was fueled by the desire to provide female domestic violence victims with an audio Bible that would not remind them of their abusers.

Georgia Chick-fil-A Hangs Half a Million Lights to Celebrate Christmas

A Chick-fil-A in Athens, Georgia is making headlines for its spectacular Christmas lights display. This year, around 500,000 Christmas lights were hung outside of the fast-food restaurant.

Dallas Megachurch Donates $100K to Help Senior Citizens in Need Pay Rent

Over the weekend, a Dallas Megachurch gave $100,000 to local seniors in need in an effort to help them make their rent payments.

Franklin Graham Responds after Atheist Group Forces Public School to Withdraw Donations from Operation Christmas Child

Franklin Graham is responding after a complaint from an atheist group caused a public school to withdraw its participation in the Christian charity's Operation Christmas Child initiative.

Over 1,000 Kentucky Parents, 17 Christian Schools File Lawsuit Against Gov for Restricting In-Person Learning

Kentucky religious schools, along with the students’ parents, have filed a lawsuit against the state's governor for restricting in-person learning.

First Black Astronaut to Travel on Long-Term Space Mission Brings Bible, Communion Cups to Space

The first Black astronaut to travel on a long-term mission in space, Victor Glover, recently shared that he has brought with him to the International Space Station his Bible and a set of communion cups.