Mikaela Mathews

Mikaela Mathews

NC Couple Fights HOA's Demand to Remove Cross from Christmas Decorations

A couple in North Carolina fought—and won—against their HOA's demand to remove a cross from their Christmas decorations.

Iraq Declares Christmas an Annual Holiday and Brings Hope for Refugee Christians

This year, despite the waning number of Christians in the country, the Iraqi government declared Christmas a recurring national holiday.

Kirk Cameron Defies Lockdown Orders with Christmas Carol Peaceful Protest

This week, Christian actor Kirk Cameron partnered with "Sing It Louder USA" to host an outdoor peaceful protest against COVID-19 restrictions. Participants, many of whom were unmasked, stood in a mall parking lot and sang Christmas carols together.

Apologist Voices Concerns over Ravi Zacharias International Ministries' Handling of Sexual Misconduct Accusations

An apologist with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is voicing concerns over how the ministry handled a series of sexual misconduct accusations against the group's late founder Razi Zacharias.

Ugandan OBGYN Is First Woman to Receive $500K Medical Prize to Build Facility for Rural Poor

A Ugandan nun and OBGYN has been awarded a $500,000 grants to be used to build medical facilities for the rural poor in Uganda.

John Piper Encourages Excommunication of Christians who Marry Unbelievers: 'Sober the Disobedient Believer'

In a recent blog post, Pastor John Piper said that a Christian who marries a non-Christian should have their church membership revoked. 

Logos Diversifies Its Resources Written by Black Authors

In early 2021, Logos hopes to offer the new study resources. “The African American voice is a powerful voice that needs to be heard,” said Chauncey Allmond, a national presenter for Logos.

Report: Free Speech Improving on Campus, but 88% of Schools Still Restrict in Some Way

The study categorized institutions by red light, yellow light, green light or warning based off of the university’s policies on “free speech zones,” internet access, tolerance, harassment, respect and civility, hate speech, obscenity and security fees. And while several schools are improving, 88% were found to be restrictive in some way.

Michigan Attorney General Says Being Wished a Merry Christmas ‘Devastated’ Her Son

Michigan's Attorney General recently became the center of controversy after she tweeted that her son was "devastated" after being wished a Merry Christmas.

US State Dept: Nigeria Is One of the Worst Violators of Religious Freedom

The US State Department has recently added Nigeria to its list of "countries of particular concern" because of the country's restrictions on religious freedom.