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Trump Encourages 'Adoption as an Alternative to Abortion' in Proclamation

Michael Foust | Crosswalk Headlines Contributor | Updated: Nov 02, 2020
Trump Encourages 'Adoption as an Alternative to Abortion' in Proclamation

Trump Encourages 'Adoption as an Alternative to Abortion' in Proclamation

President Trump issued a proclamation Friday recognizing November as National Adoption Month and saying his administration is committed to boosting resources to assist children in need.

“Adoption … offers a loving option for women who experience unexpected pregnancies or are unable to provide for their children. Every year, countless families – including many who cannot have children of their own – cherish the priceless gift of an adopted child,” the proclamation reads. 

“My Administration believes that every human life has inherent value, and encourages adoption as an alternative to abortion. All children, born and unborn, deserve a chance to have a better, more prosperous future,” it says. “I commend the selfless men and women who preserve the majesty of God’s creation by providing children with a chance at a better life.”

The proclamation notes that 2019 saw a record number of adoptions but bemoans the fact that “thousands of children” regularly “age out of foster care” without finding a family. The proclamation touts some of the administration’s accomplishments for adoption and foster care: helping end the opioid crisis, and thus decreasing addiction within families; increasing funding and oversight of the foster care system; and “opening more adoption channels to faith-based adoption and foster care providers.”

It also notes that Trump this summer signed an executive order to strengthen the foster care system in the U.S.

“This order prioritizes the partnerships between private, public, and faith-based organizations to keep American families together and, when that is not possible, to find children forever families. It also provides resources for trauma training, support for guardianship, and kinship care for those who age out of foster care,” the proclamation says. “Additionally, through her ‘Be Best’ initiative, the First Lady continues to advocate for a safe, forever family for every child.”

The proclamation says during the month of November, Americans “celebrate the blessings of adoption and renew our resolve to promote a culture of respect for every human life.”

“Countless Americans dedicate their time, energy, and resources to the adoption process, and we honor their selfless contributions as community members, faith leaders, caregivers, role models, and families,” it says. “Our Nation is strengthened by the sacred institution of the family, and devoted parents who love and protect their adopted children. As a Nation, let us commit to ensuring a brighter future for all of our Nation’s children.”

Read the full text of the proclamation here.


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Trump Encourages 'Adoption as an Alternative to Abortion' in Proclamation