Prophetic Movement Must Repent of 'Idolatry' of Trump and Politics, Jeremiah Johnson Says

Michael Foust | Contributor | Friday, February 19, 2021
Jeremiah Johnson, Johnson calls for the modern prophetic community to apologize for idolizing politicians and social media

Prophetic Movement Must Repent of 'Idolatry' of Trump and Politics, Jeremiah Johnson Says

A well-known pastor in the modern prophetic movement is calling on leaders and members within the movement to repent of what he calls “idolatry” of “prophets and politicians,” including Donald Trump.

Jeremiah Johnson of Jeremiah Johnson Ministries made the comments in two new videos titled “I Was Wrong” that were directed at Christians and those within the prophetic movement. Johnson famously predicted in 2015 that Trump would win the 2016 election, and then in 2020 predicted he would win re-election, saying he believed God had spoken to him in a dream. On Jan. 7, he apologized for falsely saying Trump would win.

Although Johnson has acknowledged he was wrong, many others have not. A Politico story this week spotlighted several prophets who believe Trump still will somehow recapture the presidency this year.

“I believe what has happened in this last election cycle is that God has graciously intervened and exposed the idolatry of modern-day prophetic ministry,” Johnson says. “There is mass repentance and humility that God wants to take place among prophets and even saints who have placed men and women in a position of authority that only Jesus Christ should ever be in.”

“... I believe that these conspiracy theories, the Q deception, the pollution that's in the prophetic movement, continues to damage the local church, and the role of pastors and shepherds in the body,” Johnson said. “Pastors and shepherds right now have their work cut out for them, because the sheep no longer want to listen to a man or woman in their life that truly cares for them. They would rather be addicted to social media prophecy and the next ‘latest-greatest.’”

Part of the prophetic movement, he said, has built a “modern-day Tower of Babel.”

“We have unified under a false movement of prophets and politics,” he said.

If God had let Trump win another four years, Johnson said, then “parts of the charismatic prophetic movement would have thought they were invincible.”

“And God being so gracious and so merciful, has chosen to intervene,” Johnson said. “And I believe God has released a severe judgment on parts of the charismatic prophetic movement called the spirit of confusion.”

Much like God confused people at the tower of Babel, He is confusing leaders within the prophetic movement,” Johnson asserted.

“It says in Genesis 11, that God looked down, He intervened, and He released the spirit of confusion. I believe when we talk about the vitriol, the anger, the rage, the debating, the division, the conspiracy theories, the Q pollution. … I believe it's symptomatic of a real spirit of confusion that God has sent as a severe judgment on individuals who have placed prophets and politicians in a place that only Jesus Christ deserves.”

It is “deeply troubling,” he said, to see members of the prophetic movement double down on their predictions that Trump won. Some have claimed the election was stolen. Others in the movement believe Trump still will claim power in the coming weeks.

"Saying that the 2020 election was taken away from Donald Trump [or] there was fraud, [or] he actually won ... opens up the door to pride and arrogance on behalf of prophetic messengers,” he said.

Leaders in the prophetic movement who predicted Trump would win should say, “I missed it. I'm sorry. I'm going to process this thing out with some seasoned leaders in my life,” Johnson said.

“Rather than doing that which I believe is healthy, many in the prophetic movement have chosen to just keep going on, acting like their prophecy was correct, when in fact it clearly isn't,” Johnson said.

Johnson, though, said there is hope for the prophetic movement if “we will turn away from the Tower of Babel – this modern idolization of prophets and politicians – [and] if we will humble ourselves and repent.”

In the coming weeks and months, Johnson said, “God is going to remove scales from our eyes. He's going to kick over these idols in our lives.”

“I believe we are on the precipice of one of the greatest outpourings of the Holy Spirit that we have ever known,” Johnson said. “You can choose to be part of this false unity movement, or you can repent, we can seek God, and we can become a part of the unity movement based on the Holy Spirit.”

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