Phil Robertson Says He Pointed 'People to Jesus' at ZZ Top Guitarist's Funeral

Michael Foust | Contributor | Thursday, August 12, 2021
Phil Robertson Says He Pointed 'People to Jesus' at ZZ Top Guitarist's Funeral

Phil Robertson Says He Pointed 'People to Jesus' at ZZ Top Guitarist's Funeral

Businessman and Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson says he read from Scripture and delivered the gospel during his eulogy at the funeral of Dusty Hill, the ZZ Top guitarist who died in late July.

The band and the Robertsons were friends thanks to the popular reality program, which featured ZZ Top's song "Sharp Dressed Man" as the theme song. Speaking on his Unashamed podcast, Robertson said the band once ate at his house and asked that Robertson cook squirrel.

Robertson was a ZZ Top Fan. Hill had requested Robertson to speak at his funeral.

"I'm glad that we were invited down," said Robertson, who is a Christian. "It was an opportunity to point people to Jesus, and to just be generous toward them. We love them."

Hill was 72.

Robertson referenced two biblical texts in the eulogy, he said: Genesis 4:21 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

"According to the Bible, there are certain skill sets that you see, and people tend to be very good at what they're doing – Genesis 4 says the DNA is put in them by God," Robertson said on his podcast, summarizing what he said at the funeral.

Genesis 4:21 speaks of a man named Jubal who was "the father of all who played a stringed instrument, and the flute," Robertson said. "... The Almighty says in Genesis 4 that He made people who are real good at stringed instruments and flutes."

Robertson read the passage from Genesis, he said, because Hill was a "connoisseur of picking guitar."

The Duck Dynasty star said he also spoke of heaven and hell while reading from 1 Thessalonians, a biblical passage that references the afterlife.

"Jesus has already said 'whoever lives and believes in Me will never die.' So, do you believe this?" Robertson said, summarizing his eulogy. "... So we believe the reason why we shouldn't grieve like the rest of men or be ignorant about physical death, is because we believe that Jesus died and rose again. There's the gospel as the centerpiece when it comes to talking about physical death. ... You better make sure that you believe that Jesus died and rose again, or you will have something to be worried about.

"... I gave them ... good news that there is life beyond the grave. I just want them to know that."

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