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Pat Robertson: Trump Will Win Reelection but the U.S. Will Be 'Torn Apart', War Will Break Out against Israel

Michael Foust | Contributor | Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Pat Robertson: Trump Will Win Reelection but the U.S. Will Be 'Torn Apart', War Will Break Out against Israel

Pat Robertson: Trump Will Win Reelection but the U.S. Will Be 'Torn Apart', War Will Break Out against Israel

CBN’s Pat Robertson said Tuesday he sensed God told him President Trump would win re-election but the country subsequently “will be torn apart” and Muslim countries will declare war on Israel.

Robertson, speaking on the 700 Club, said he “was praying on Sunday saying, ‘God please tell me how it's gonna happen’” and then sensed he had received a “word” from the Lord. CBN News labeled it a prophecy. Robertson himself said it was “according to what I believe the Lord told me.”

“I hope I've got the word, but first of all, I want to say without question, Trump is going to win the election. And that doesn't mean you sit home and don't vote – that means you get out and do everything you can,” Robertson said.

After Trump wins and is inaugurated in January, Robertson said, “trouble is going to happen.”

“He's going to be challenged by the Chinese as you couldn't believe, [he] will be faced probably with some kind of a war,” Robertson said. “The North Koreans are going to have nuclear weapons; they're gonna threaten us. The Russians are gonna do everything they can. The Turks have got their things going.

“And after Trump is sworn in, we're going to see civic disobedience in our America that will just be mind-boggling; the country will be torn apart,” Robertson said. “... There will be at least two attempts on the president's life. And it's going to be very difficult. So I would just urge you ... you should pray for him.”

Amidst this turmoil, Ezekiel 38 will be fulfilled, Robertson said. The passage references God’s protection of Israel.

“It will be the opportunity for” Iran and other Muslim countries “to come together against Israel. And that’s what Ezekiel says is going to happen.”

“They're going to say, ‘Because America is so occupied, we are therefore going to invade Israel.’ There's gonna be [an] opportunity to crush and destroy Israel. And so, there's going to be a tremendous war against Israel. But the Bible says God Himself is going to defend Israel.”

It won’t be a nuclear war, Robertson said, but “God Himself is going to wipe out that horde of people that are coming against Israel.”

“The next thing is going to happen is that God is going to bring a period of great peace,” Robertson said.

Robertson urged the audience to pray. Referencing the Second Coming of Christ, he added, “The angels don't know [the date], and only the Father knows it, so I'm not saying this is the Second Coming.”

“But I am saying there are things that people have thought would be during a millennial time with the coming of Jesus, but it will happen in our lifetime,” Robertson said.

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Video courtesy: CBN News

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