Lila Rose Slams TikTok for Banning Pro-Life Ads While Allowing Planned Parenthood Ads

Michael Foust | Contributor | Thursday, August 18, 2022
Lila Rose Slams TikTok for Banning Pro-Life Ads While Allowing Planned Parenthood Ads

Lila Rose Slams TikTok for Banning Pro-Life Ads While Allowing Planned Parenthood Ads

Pro-life leader Lila Rose is slamming TikTok for banning advertisements from her pro-life organization Live Action while continuing to permit ads from groups that support legalized abortion, including Planned Parenthood.

Additionally, Rose’s personal TikTok account – which she uses to defend the unborn – also has been banned.

In a news release, Live Action called it “yet another attempt to silence pro-life speech,” with “Big Tech” siding with the “abortion industry.” The organization said it is the only pro-life group with a large following on the platform. Its account has more than 500,000 followers and 17 million likes.

Although Live Action’s content is still available to those who search for it, the organization said it is “blocked from expanding” its reach to new viewers.

“Unfortunately, censorship is nothing new to us,” Rose said. “Large technology companies play an ever larger role in our lives, including by deciding what information we come in contact with. We must rise against this unjust censorship. While we respectfully demand the reinstatement of our ads on TikTok, we will also proactively work to expand our reach on all of our other platforms.”

TikTok is particularly popular among teens and young adults – often known as Generation Z. Planned Parenthood is allowed to “freely run pro-abortion ads to youth on TikTok,” while Live Action’s ads that “save the lives of preborn children have been completely censored,” the news release said.

TikTok and members of “Big Tech” are “trying to muzzle the pro-life message” from young people, Live Action said.

“We believe that one crucial step towards ending abortion in our country is saturating the online market with powerful and transformative pro-life content that counters pro-abortion lies and is proven to change minds and save lives,” Rose said. “We work hard to reach young people to expose the abortion industry and reveal the beauty of new life from the moment of fertilization. The longer we are suppressed on TikTok, the more lives that will be lost to abortion. The censorship must end.”


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