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Free Abortions, Pre-K Sex Education Part of Boise Mayor's Transition Report

Michael Foust | Contributor | Thursday, May 28, 2020
Free Abortions, Pre-K Sex Education Part of Boise Mayor's Transition Report

Free Abortions, Pre-K Sex Education Part of Boise Mayor's Transition Report

A committee report authorized by Boise’s new mayor has sparked concern among conservatives for its promotion of multiple controversial policies, including free abortions and pre-kindergarten sex education.

The 13-page report, titled “A More Equitable City for Everyone,” was written by an 18-member transition team put together by Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, who took office in January. It was posted on the city’s website and makes clear it is “A Final Transition Team Report for Mayor Lauren McLean.”

The report tackles a wide range of issues. It recommends, among other things, “free contraception as defined by the CDC, abortion and reproductive health care” and collaboration with the Boise School District “to establish sex education at pre-k level-12th.”

The report also promotes “policies that would effectively make Boise a sanctuary city, including ending coordination with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” according to a summary in the Idaho Statesman.

Dustin Hurst of the Idaho Freedom Foundation said the report would “fundamentally transform Boise into a socialist enclave” by making the city look “something like Portland, Seattle, or San Francisco.”

The report further recommends the city:

  • Commit "to an ongoing and robust efforts to interrupt white-dominant/white supremacist culture with a multi-layered strategy and designate a full-time City of Boise staff person to serve as Director of Equitable, Safer and Thriving City.”
  • "Launch a study and review of major city landmarks, streets, monuments and public spaces and historical sites across the City of Boise and provide recommendations for change.”
  • Provide city-wide free Internet.
  • “Increase minimum wage to a livable wage that aligns with the local housing market.”
  • “Increase lower-paying positions so there is no more than four times difference in salaries between the highest and lowest positions in City of Boise government.”

McLean, a Democrat, emphasized that the report is a recommendation by a committee – and not an official policy.

“These are not policy documents,” McLean said, according to KTVB. “They are reports to me and my administration, and when we all talked when I released them, I said that clearly and I wanted to transparently share them.”

She added, “It is incumbent upon me to recognize what I can do and what I can’t do to thank and honor the hard work of citizens volunteers who brought their ideas to the table.”

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