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Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Is Baptizing Fans of His Podcast: 'They Just Keep Coming'

Michael Foust | Contributor | Tuesday, August 18, 2020
<em>Duck Dynasty</em> Star Phil Robertson Is Baptizing Fans of His Podcast: 'They Just Keep Coming'

Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Is Baptizing Fans of His Podcast: 'They Just Keep Coming'

A new podcast by Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has climbed the charts, sparked discussion and led to an unforeseen blessing for the outspoken Christian: fans wanting to be baptized by him.

The Unashamed with Phil Robertson podcast launched in 2019 and currently ranks in the Top 10 in Apple’s religion and spiritual podcasts.

“We're reaching out to our neighbor and we're telling them to love their God – repent and turn to God – walk like Jesus did. Love God and love your neighbor,” Robertson said of the podcast on a recent episode of Edifi with Billy Hallowell.

Despite him living in rural Louisiana, Robertson says fans drive to his area to be baptized by the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan.

“They’re coming from that podcast,” he said. “... About nine or maybe 10, in the last three days, they've come all the way down here. ... And I baptized that whole little crew. It's that way every day or two. They just keep coming.”

Referencing concerns some might have about baptizing strangers during a pandemic, Robertson said, “I baptized ‘em, and I’m still kicking.”

Robertson also has a television show, In the Woods With Phil on BlazeTV, and a new book, Jesus Politics: How to Win Back the Soul of America.

“I'm down here in the woods. I live a quiet life. I mind my own business. I work hard with my hands. … I'm not dependent on anybody, including the government or anybody else,” Robertson told Billy Hallowell.

Asked how the quarantine has impacted him, Robertson responded, “zero.”

“I've been on about semi-quarantine for about 45-50 years,” he said.

Robertson also revealed he has never owned a cell phone and has no desire to have one.

“I'm a cell phone-free zone,” he said.

America, he said, needs Jesus.

“Think of the difference you would see,” he said. “You wouldn't see this mischief, mayhem, robbin’, looting, shooting. You wouldn't see all that.”


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