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'Drag Queen Story Hour' Moves into Public Schools: 'The 1st Graders Loved It'

Michael Foust | CrosswalkHeadlines Contributor | Published: Jan 28, 2020
'Drag Queen Story Hour' Moves into Public Schools: 'The 1st Graders Loved It'

'Drag Queen Story Hour' Moves into Public Schools: 'The 1st Graders Loved It'

The controversy over Drag Queen Story Hour – once confined to public libraries – is moving into the public schools.

A first-grade class at Maurice Sendak Community School (PS 118), a public school in Brooklyn, N.Y., will host a Drag Queen Story Hour for the students Feb. 24, according to Sohrab Ahmari, the op-ed editor for the New York Post. Ahmari posted a screen capture Monday of a note to parents from a first-grade teacher who promoted the event as a learning experience for children.

Apparently, the school has hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour in the past, too. 

“In an effort to continue to strengthen and enhance inclusiveness and diversity in our schools, the first grade will be taking part in ‘Drag Queen Story Hour!’ This program is run by the Brooklyn Public Library and has been a hit at the library and other local public schools,” the note says. “We had Drag Queen Story Hour the past few years at PS118 and the 1st graders LOVED IT!”

Drag Queen Story Hour, the teacher explained, “is run by a drag queen who will visit our school on Monday, February 24th.” Often during Drag Queen Story Hour, the drag queen reads a book to children about LGBT issues. In 2017 at a New York public library, a drag queen read Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress, a book about a boy who wears a dress. 

“She will read to the students, all while teaching into ideas of inclusiveness, gender fluidity and gender roles, family structures, acceptance, empathy, and individuality,” the note says.

Families are asked to pay $6 each for the event. 

“We are so excited to bring this to our classrooms,” the note concludes. “I know the children will learn a lot and enjoy it as much as they did last year. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

Ahmari wrote on Twitter, “Remember when I predicted that Drag Queen Story Hour wouldn’t stay confined to public libraries. Well, here it is: It’s coming to Primary School 118 in Brooklyn — to teach *first-graders* about “gender fluidity.”

Most people who commended on Ahmari’s post staunchly opposed the idea of public schools hosting a Drag Queen Story Hour.

“And this is why #SchoolChoice is a necessity,” one person wrote. “Teachers and board members are not my moral arbiters.”

Another wrote, “This kind of thing has to stop. It's so wrong. Doesn't anyone in authority care about the children, or do they only care about advancing their political agendas?”


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'Drag Queen Story Hour' Moves into Public Schools: 'The 1st Graders Loved It'