Church Pools Chick-fil-A Points, Donates 460 Sandwiches to Hospital Workers

Michael Foust | Contributor | Thursday, March 26, 2020
Church Pools Chick-fil-A Points, Donates 460 Sandwiches to Hospital Workers

Church Pools Chick-fil-A Points, Donates 460 Sandwiches to Hospital Workers

Health care workers battling COVID-19 at two Georgia hospitals this month received nearly 500 Chick-fil-A sandwiches thanks to the generosity of members at one local church.

It started when Rachel Reeves of Revolution Church began pooling her Chick-fil-A app points with those of other church members to buy sandwiches for workers at two hospitals: Northside Hospital Cherokee in Canton, Ga., and Piedmont Mountainside Hospital in Jasper, Ga., 11 Alive in Atlanta reported. Revolution Church has locations in both cities.

Soon, though, the idea snowballed among church members and others on social media. As of Tuesday, Reeves had enough points to purchase a total of 460 sandwiches. Reeves has bought and donated the sandwiches in waves.

Georgia has more than 1,100 cases of the coronavirus, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Part of being at Revolution Church is helping people,” Reeves told 11 Alive. “Jesus asks us to love each other, and however that looks for you and your city, your community, do that. If it's taking one family a meal, do that, if it's helping the need of someone else, if it's something as huge as giving 500 Chick-fil-A sandwiches to people who appreciate it – grocery stores, I know grocery store workers are really overwhelmed as well – just be kind to each other, help each other.

“It’s not that hard to love your neighbor like yourself.”

The idea can be copied in other locations throughout the country, although Reeves still is receiving donations. Here’s how to donate points, according to the church:

Open your Chick-fil-A⁠ app (silver and red members).

Hit “Rewards” at the bottom.

Then click “Redeem” at the top⁠.

Scroll until you see Chick-fil-A sandwich for 500 points. (You can send an unlimited number of sandwiches, provided you have enough points for them.)⁠

Click on that icon; it will give you an option to “gift to a friend.”

To donate to the Revolution Church Chick-fil-A drive, email your points to [email protected]

Photo courtesy: ©Brad Stallcup/Unsplash

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