'Ask Amy' Endorses Polyamory as 'Ethical Non-Monogamy': 'Trust the Bible, Not Amy,' Mohler Says

Michael Foust | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Wednesday, March 9, 2022
'Ask Amy' Endorses Polyamory as 'Ethical Non-Monogamy': 'Trust the Bible, Not Amy,' Mohler Says

'Ask Amy' Endorses Polyamory as 'Ethical Non-Monogamy': 'Trust the Bible, Not Amy,' Mohler Says

Theologian and author Albert Mohler is encouraging Christians to “trust the Bible, not Amy” after a popular advice columnist endorsed polyamorous relationships as “ethical non-monogamy.”

Amy Dickinson, whose “Ask Amy” advice column runs in newspapers nationwide, was asked in a recent column what advice she would give two parents whose son and daughter-in-law – married for six years – announced they are polyamorous. The son and daughter-in-law each have a “lover” they spend time with outside of the marriage.

Dickinson gave her approval to the relationship.

“As people explore their freedom to redefine the boundaries of what it means to be married, they may choose ‘ethical non-monogamy,’ which is where they remain lovingly married, but are free to engage in other romantic relationships in a way that they believe is open and honest,” she wrote. “... In my opinion, the important question is how these polyamorous relationships will affect children growing up in families with three or four adults who all identify as parents and partners. If all the adults are stable, loving, and committed to the children, then I imagine the kids will be fine.”

“Take a breath, do some reading about polyamory, and understand that you define marriage one way, while they define it differently,” Dickinson added. “Unless you and they are religious, this doesn't make it ‘wrong.’ It just makes it ‘what is.’”

Dickinson’s column is published in major newspapers, including in the Washington Post.

The “good news,” Mohler said, is that “very few people” get moral guidance from an advice columnist. Still, he said, the worldview promoted by Dickinson is “sinking in at various levels of our society in a big way.”

Mohler made the comments on his daily podcast, The Briefing.

“You can find these arguments not only in the academy, not only coming through entertainment, but you can hear them in your local community,” Mohler said. “... God intended marriage as an exclusive institution, a man and a woman in a covenant relationship for life. And if marriage can mean anything else, it will eventually mean everything else. Trust the Bible, not Amy, both to define marriage and to explain how this kind of experiment inevitably will play out.”


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