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92 Percent of Bible Users Say Scripture 'Has Transformed My Life': Study

Michael Foust | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Thursday, October 13, 2022
92 Percent of Bible Users Say Scripture 'Has Transformed My Life': Study

92 Percent of Bible Users Say Scripture 'Has Transformed My Life': Study

More than 90 percent of Americans who read the Bible say its message has transformed their lives, according to new research by the American Bible Society that also revealed that Scripture has a positive impact on many non-readers, too.

The study, released Thursday, found that 92 percent of Bible users – defined as those who read Scripture three or four times a year apart from church – say that “the message of the Bible has transformed my life.”

“Ultimately, Bible Use isn’t only about opening a book or an app,” an American Bible Society analysis said. “It’s about interacting with God. And when people connect with God in Scripture, their lives change, their attitudes change, their values change.”

Surprisingly, 38 percent of non-Bible users also agree with the statement the “message of the Bible has transformed my life,” the research found. The 38 percent equals about 60 million people in the U.S. who say they don’t read the Bible although it has impacted them, the American Bible Society said.

“Some of these people attend church occasionally and might receive the transforming message there,” the report said. “Others may have been transformed by the Bible in past experiences, though they apparently have discontinued their personal Bible reading. Perhaps some have a friend or family member speaking biblical truth to them.

“In any case, it’s remarkable that such a sizable portion of those who aren’t reading the Bible much say they’ve been transformed by it,” the report added.

The report also asked Bible users about their methods for reading Scripture. About half (48 percent) said they read a few verses at a time. That was followed by: reading passages “based on my mood” (40 percent), reading full chapters or stories (32 percent), using a schedule, plan or program (26 percent) and reading at the same time each day (22 percent).

The study was the latest release from the American Bible Society’s State of the Bible: USA 2022 report.

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