Now Pro-life Woman Shares Heart-Wrenching Story of Her Forced Abortion

Meg Bucher | Writer and Author | Friday, January 12, 2018

Now Pro-life Woman Shares Heart-Wrenching Story of Her Forced Abortion

Catherine Glenn Foster panicked at the discovery of an unplanned pregnancy. She thought going through with an abortion was her only choice, until the clinic staff refused to let her change her mind. “I had four people holding me down,” she said, sharing her heart-wrenching story with CBN News, “One -a nurse -and a staff member on each arm.”

This horrific experience still haunts her today, two decades later.  “The doctor aborted my child. I’m screaming. That’s not a choice.”

Foster stated in the same CBN News interview: “I thought it really was just me trying to figure out what to do and salvage my life.” But when the scared 19 year-old arrived at the abortion clinic, she began to change her mind. “What I found there was coercion, lack of information, at times outright lies, at times force,” Foster recalled. When she asked for the staff to stop and let her up, they would not let her. “It was not pro-woman, it was not pro-me. They didn’t care about me, they didn’t respect my opinion. They were just in-’n-out. They wanted me gone and they wanted my baby gone.”

By God’s grace, Foster was able to push past this horrific experience and carry on with life. She pursued an education in law, got married and had children. The newly elected President for Americans United for Life, an organization she began working with during law school, choose to channel her tragedy into protecting other women from suffering needlessly as she did that dark day.

The Christian Post recently reported on Planned Parenthood’s annual report, which documented 82 abortions performed for every adoption referral. This is only one agency, funded in part by the Federal Government, and under scrutiny for the revenue reported. Foster commented on the recent reports in an email statement to The Christian Post: “Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report demonstrates that the abortion giant’s bottom line is, as always, its ‘bottom line.’” 

Not only have millions of babies been saved by their work, the AUL has recently compiled an investigation of abortion clinics across the country to expose the health risks and potentially life-threatening environments to women. Their website boasts a collection of data from “32 states, 754 clinic violations, 39 planned parenthoods, 34 license revocations, and 65 chronic offenders.”

The report, “Unsafe,” warns of its findings:“Unlicensed practitioners. Untrained staff. Unsanitary medical conditions. Unsuspecting victims. Unsafe conditions.” The report can be accessed on the website, along with a petition calling for further investigation.

There is also work being done to ensure that women who have an ultrasound done at an abortion clinic have the right to see it if they want to, a sight that leads many women to decline abortion.Foster told CBN News, “That’s part of my story, because I was there in the center and asked to see my child’s ultrasound. I asked and I was refused. They said no. And that’s always haunted me.” Wyoming just passed an ultrasound requirement law, of which she commented that, “knowing women in Wyoming now have that right is so impactful.” 


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Publication date: January 12, 2018

Now Pro-life Woman Shares Heart-Wrenching Story of Her Forced Abortion