Christian University Discourages Students from Working at Hooters Restaurant

Meg Bucher | Writer and Author | Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Christian University Discourages Students from Working at Hooters Restaurant

The Hooters restaurant chain is best known not for its delicious wings, but for its beautiful waitress staff. The career page of states, “Making other jobs look boring since 1983.” One of its newest locations is causing students at three nearby Christian universities to reflect on the importance of Christian virtue over job opportunities that may put those very characteristics they have been called to uphold in jeopardy.

Abilene Christian University is discouraging their students from applying for jobs at Hooters opening in Abilene, Texas, this month less than a mile from campus. ACU’s director of public and media relations, Emerald Cassidy, said in awritten statement to Abilene’s KTXS-TV, “We have asked students to consider both what Hooters represents and whether that is something they really want to support in terms of both their faith and the value this business model places on women.”

Hooters’ spokeswoman Sarah Osment hit back at the universities’ guideline to students: The Blaze reports Osment’s response: “Hooters is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate and prioritizes a welcoming environment for all of our employees and guests.” She also stated that, “Over the years, Hooters has raised funds for numerous philanthropic initiatives including raising more than $4.7 million for breast cancer research, and has provided more than $3.1 million in tuition reimbursement to its employees. We look forward to serving the people of Abilene at our new location.”

Hooter’s website also paints the picture of employment as a Hooters Girl to be much more than a job: “Being a Hooters Girl is an honor bestowed upon only the most entertaining, goal oriented, glamorous and charismatic women. Hooters Girls have that special gift for making every guest feel welcome. She’ll have all kinds of opportunities – like appearing in the annual Hooters Swimsuit Calendar. She is an American icon the world over. A waitress she is not.”

ACU’s Cassidy also told KTXS-TV, “If a student were in a position where the university felt they were not upholding the standards in the handbook, we'd address those issues with that student at that time.”


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Publication date: January 9, 2018

Christian University Discourages Students from Working at Hooters Restaurant