Meg Bucher

Meg Bucher

Chevy's Annual Christmas Commercial: an Inspirational Dose of Hope

I think a lot of Americans are so burdened by everything that has happened and is happening …moments like this give us ample time to process and release some emotions about how it’s all going.

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Passes Away at 96, Remembering Her Life and Legacy

A devout Baptist, Rosalyn was an outspoken activist. Her shy demeanor complimented her diplomacy as she paved the way for the office of First Lady to be utilized as a platform to champion change and awareness.

American Church Groups Stranded in War-Torn Israel

Multiple Pastors have reached out to people back in the United States to relay they are safe but appreciate continued prayers for their safe return. 

Thousands have Died and Many are Missing as the War in Israel Rages

The death toll is now into the thousands, and many more innocent people are still missing after the abductions during the first raid by Hamas terrorists. 

Biden's $9 Billion Student Loan Debt Forgiveness a Game-Changer in Higher Education

In a significant move to address the growing burden of student loan debt, President Joe Biden recently announced the forgiveness of $9 billion in student loans.

Pastor Michael Todd Embraces Transparency New Book 'Damaged but Not Destroyed: From Trauma to Triumph

Pastor Michael Todd embraces transparency in his new book, "Damaged but Not Destroyed: From Trauma to Triumph."

Republicans Scramble for House Speaker Successor in the Aftermath of McCarthy's Removal

In the wake of McCarthy's exit, the Republican Party searches for the next Speaker of the House. 

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