Pastor Max Lucado Prays for a Revival amid Season of Uncertainty

Maina Mwaura | Contributor | Thursday, April 9, 2020
Pastor Max Lucado Prays for a Revival amid Season of Uncertainty

Pastor Max Lucado Prays for a Revival amid Season of Uncertainty

Some influencers within American culture utter words that are simultaneously timely and timeless. Author and pastor Max Lucado is one of those people. When Lucado speaks, people seem to sit up and listen, which may be why according to Lifeway research, one in six Americans have heard of Max Lucado and another one in seven have read a Max Lucado book.

Lucado has a way of verbalizing concepts with depth, meaning and simplicity.

Recently, Lucado found the need to revisit his Study Bible and book "Jesus, the God who knows my name.” When asked what he was thinking when he went back and revised these two projects, Lucado is clear that, although some things have changed since its last publication, his heart and focus are on Jesus, and that hasn't changed.

"I thought I needed to revisit these two projects to offer fresh ideas to a weary culture." 

When asked why the culture was weary, Lucado points out that the stresses of life seem to have taken a toll on people and that they have lost hope. 

"There is so much discontent right now in life," Lucado stresses, eager for this hopelessness and discontent to lead people to revival. Lucado seems assured that spiritual revival is possible for our nation.

"Every Sunday at 5:00 pm, I meet with a group of people to pray for revival," the author shared.

 From talking with Lucado, it is clear he sees himself as someone who is not only a writer but also a pastor. It is this pastoral role that he still holds at his home church in San Antonio. It is a role he cherishes.

Much of Lucado's writing is birthed out of his love for Jesus and people. He humbly asserts, "I want those that encounter my writing to not just understand the book but also to understand the author of the Bible, Jesus."

For Lucado, who is a man of few but thoughtful words, one can tell that he takes the assignment that God has given him seriously. While at the same time he grips this calling loosely enough to know that it’s all God's work. When asked about his sermon and writing preparation, Lucado wants it to be known that while his time with God sets the tone for what he speaks and writes, it is also separate from the two.

"I start off my time with God, by asking one question. Is there anything that you want to speak to me about?" Lucado declares.

Throughout the interview, Lucado is clear that what God allows him to do is not by accident and that he doesn't want to squander or waste the time that he has been given. This assurance may explain why Lucado believes that as believers we have the greatest message to tell others.

"The big news for us as believers is the resurrection. That is the big news," Lucado proclaims, desperate for it to be known to all that the resurrection should be the centerpiece of our faith and walk with Christ.  He continues by stressing that "As believers, we should live with expectation and hope." Lucado is assured that when Christ-followers live with the expectation and hope of the second coming, they are living the life that Christ desires for them.

"I think people are hungry to know more about Jesus," Lucado contends.

It’s this hunger that he desires for people to remember this Easter season and beyond.

Photo courtesy: Max Lucado Facebook